Pop-Up Promotions/Ads/Announcements: Be Able to Turn Off, Control, Select, Configure, or Consolidate Popups Into Single Window [MASTER]

Just hope that SG doesn’t become like YouTube and offer in-game ads in the middle of your battle.

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Let’s all pay £10 a month to remove pop ups and adverts.

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I just lost my second biggest hitter because of these obscene adds. He said he was quitting the game because of frustration and I don’t blame him. Several other members have voiced their frustration as well. I have stopped purchasing the Valor Pass and the VIP, and am encouraging my team to do the same.

This doesn’t even take into account the message they send out periodically trying to drive us to “web only purchases”.

I could go six months. I have that many excess pounds to lose.


Can the devs take a look at this please…. Some how!

Yes, we get it no one has to buy all the different things, but it would still be nice to have the option to turn them off so they don’t open every time you open the game. Or have the re randomly open as you are playing the game.

I get it, it may not be possible to have all the pop-up adds of offers to purchase in one location, but for those of us who are f2p and don’t want to see them, we should have the option to disable them some how.


The number of pop-up offers should be reduced. It is very annoying that every time I switch to the main screen, 4-5 popups appear. I would even pay a small amount to avoid popups. It could be included in the VIP or as a separate offer. Every offer has its icon on the main screen, I can decide whether I’m interested even without a popup.

Search is your friend :+1:

Please don’t give them ideas…

Please do something about this. Let us set a limit on how many appear at once. Or a limit on the number of times the same pop-up appears. Tonight I popped in, used all my war flags, and then closed the alliance page to see what else I wanted to do. I closed a pop-up, and got a second. And a third. And a fourth. And at that point, I decided what I wanted to do was nothing, and I closed the app again. I get it. Purchases keep the app running. But for crying out loud, stop nagging and let me just play the game. If I really want to make a purchase, I can find the available deals hanging out right there at the side, with big ! s hanging out over them, accidentally popping up when I’m trying to collect food and iron. They’re not that hard to find.


When opening the game, I am already playing the game.
I do not need ads for the game I am already playing.

The “DEALS” already take up an extra 25% of my playable / clickable area on the City screen.
I am well aware of their existence.
I should be allowed to TURN OFF POPUPS of ads for the game I am already playing.

When I am trying to just quickly collect my food / iron / whatever, I do not need to accidentally start making a purchase because a popup ad spawned while I was trying to click on something else.

Empires & Puzzles is the reason I have disabled “one click purchase” from Google Play, and will never enable it.
I am certain I am not the only one.

So, devs…How do I disable popups?


If we buy everything they should be gone


Empire and Puzzles is taking up half my screen with advertising and offers. PLEASE STOP IT.

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Get used to it, it will never end.

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i’m curious…

do you actually think they care about your opinion?..

those pop ups have been around forever and get worse every month…you’re not the first to speak out against them, won’t be the last, but until the game dies we’ll have tons of pop up ads…

other option is to use a vpn and play from a country that made it illegal to spend money on video games…

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Vpn to one of those countries they can’t sell stuff… Problem solved.

Still not nearly as bad as those games that force an ad on you every 30 seconds when playing.

And there are plenty of those. Pretty much every game in MV.

Vpn, Belgium location :no_entry_sign::skunk: