Pop-Up Promotions/Ads/Announcements: Be Able to Turn Off, Control, Select, Configure, or Consolidate Popups Into Single Window [MASTER]

There are a number of pop ups that get displayed which is annoying and slows down getting around game. It would be nice to be able to turn them off or at least control which ones are shown.

A lot of times when you enter the game you get a pop-up with some great announcement (special offers). Then you close it and you get another one and another one.

I am suggesting to merge it into one pop-up with bookmarks to circle through the special offers to make entering the game less annoying


Its so frustrating to have to close a billion popups everythine i open the game, which usually also includes accidentally clicking a bunch ofthings when they snipe you after you thought you hit the last one

I get you are trying to make your bread, but its obnoxious being so in your face

Even things like raid attacks. Im sure people will find that info if they need it, we dont need to be assaulted with it. Those event prize calendars? Sure! Its an event and you are giving us free prizes too. But amongst an onslaught of 5 other things? We get it omg

Keep it simple or its getting close to being what makes me finally quitthe game its that bad


I logged in this morning and the pop ups were beyond out of control! There was winter fun/ new event quest/ challange pack/ challange offer/ event summon out just went on and on it was ridiculous!
I understand you want us to buy gems and see what’s on offer but it’s like I’m an individual hero being hit by a 5 strong team!
Please can we turn it off or opt out of offers (:face_with_raised_eyebrow: oh yeah cause that would happen! )
I appreciate im probably not the first person to bring this up, but please if that’s the case maybe it’s time to listen to your community!



Would be a nice addition to ViP.
Ad-free and an option to deactivate popups.

But it doesn’t annoy me much.
E&P is almost ad-free.
Was a reason to become addicted.


I don’t mind the popups for events and special deals, but I really wish there was an option to turn off the warnings that I don’t have notifications enabled. I know I don’t, because I don’t let any of my games send me notifications - I only use them for phone calls and messaging apps. Plus I play daily anyway, so I’m not at risk of missing any important announcements.

It would be great if we could get a checkbox like “Don’t display this again” for the notification reminder.

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I truly love this game and would love to get rid of some of the annoying stuff already.

Pop-ups get in the way too much. Sometimes you have to get past 6 pop-ups when you have a lot to check out on screen in a very brief time.

  1. Offers and special summoning pop-ups might be rewarding, i get it. But who cares, really, about the color-specific summons? It is not new in any way, all colors rotate in a cycle and we know where to look at if we decide to seize the high probability of TC20 heroes.

  2. To show me my rewards, just put a small badge on the button related to the fight or event that i have received the rewards from. Like, make the raid tournament rewards pop up only when i click to the raids menu, which would have a badge attached to it.

I agree about the advertising pop-ups, those are annoying. They could limit each pop-up to show say only once every 24 hours, but I guess it is all about money and people click on the “offers”.

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That is probably true and i totally get about event summons, etc. But atlantis rises could be seen as a badge on quests tab, just like the events do. Or titan results could be noted with a badge on alliance tab and pop-up only when you go to tap on that badge.


I was going to create a new topic today on this topic, but searched first like a good little boy,

Found this thread so here goes:


I almost quit today altogether because of this issue. I have four accounts and starting the emulators with the login process is shorter than clicking off all pop-ups that I am bombarded with.

I demand one of two things. Incorporate an opt out feature into the VIP package, or create a new opt out feature for a premium cost. We pay you to leave us the Eff alone. We will pay you to streamline the access to our game.

It’s win win. You get your dang dollars and we get to play unhindered.

For Real.



This is so annoying , several times a day, I have to look at guardian gazelle dancing and teasing me.

I did few pulls short of 200 during this event and got Jackal, Falcon and Kong. Ridiculous!!! Shame on you E&P. Sorry, shame on me for giving you my money!

Should I spend more money on your stupid featured hero?

This is so dumb.

And you keep force feeding it to my screen over and over again!

Just stop!


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Hi all,
When I open up the game on a normal day and only need to close one advert box each time it’s not an issue.
On a busy game period of AR/Vallhalla, event quests, challenge evemts, offers for this or that, summon this hero and this event hero. It can get a bit crazy when all I want to do is make things go poof and use my flags.
I understand that the offers and ads are there for a reason but it would be nice to have a do not show again button, that can be ticked to prevent those pop ups for the duration they’re are active or a 24 hour period.


Please do something about it. Give us an option to disable at least some of those little monsters.

To. The. Top.

I logged in to 5, F-I-V-E, pop-ups. This has GOT to be dialed back.

  1. Buy PoV
  2. Your account needs Facebook
    3.Shocking deal
  3. Magical Deal
  4. Elemental summons

This happens far too frequently. Please find a way to dial it back.

Seriously, Small giant, something’s gotta go!
Recently There were 6 pop ups when I logged in. Yesterday, whlile trying to get a snapshot of a part of my base that needed a zoom, I could not do it without being taken elsewhere. As for the Balloon, well, that reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s final words : this wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the end. Either it does or I do! Either get rid of the balloon or eliminate duck hunting from POV!



I moved your post to this feature request. Technically no Goblin Balloon mentioned here (though I agree it would be nice if we could move it) and I hear you on the popups trying to sell you offers too :stuck_out_tongue: Way too many of them and more often than not I end up clicking them by accident slowing what I’m trying to do

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Please yes. We should be able to turn them off…

One of the major complaints I hear frequently in my alliance is that they are tired of all the “money grabs.” I personally love many of the new features and believe there are ways to continue to grow revenue without turning off long term players. I’m going to list some features I would like to see and hope that maybe it will help with the perception that many players are developing.

Here are the suggestions:

  1. One Promotion at a time.
  2. Ability to reject promotion so it does keep showing the pop ups every time we open the app.
  3. Reduce time between mystic visions.

Thoughts behind each:

One promotion at a time will make it where people aren’t being flooded with 2+ pop ups when opening app. It’s annoying and turns people off. We don’t log in to see ads. We know what purchases we like to make. In addition having both sides of the base covered with links makes the User experience unappealing.

While I think everyone agrees that seeing a pop up once is acceptable. When we’ve closed out of it multiple times, it may be that we are waiting for money or that we aren’t interested. We should be able to mark not interested so we don’t see it again. I’d also use machine learning to only show promotions that the individual user is highly likely to buy. The less promotions we see, but the more meaningful they are to us, the more likely we are to give money as opposed to get turned off.

The previous suggestions have the ability to reduce monetization so the company needS a way to increase monetization in a way that is not offensive. The mystic vision provides an opportunity for this. Increasing the frequency of mystic vision allows for more ad revenues. While I don’t know how SG gets its ads, they could increase frequency of MV and potentially get 4-6x the ad revenue. This would probably require a larger diversity of ads and joining google’s ad platform Would let give more options of ads as well as allow them to be tailored to the person’s interests. Which would hopefully drive conversions and increase bids for spots in Mystic Vision.

Hope others like these ideas

I’ve posted this elsewhere before but can’t find it… As the leader, I want to be notified immediately when someone joins my alliance. So many times people have hopped in and jumped back out because they joined during a time when most people are either sleeping or working and chat was nil. (All of our alliance members seem to be in time zones that are 12hrs apart.) I feel that it’s my responsibility as leader to welcome new arrivals before they bounce back out.

I push notifications on both the game and my phone but the notifications never include “Hey! There’s a new member! Introduce yourself!” It actually wouldn’t be a bad idea to notify all alliance members but this announcement should be more important to leaders than if a building is finished or whatnot. Please add an ALERT notifying us of new members!