Poor summons results

Is it just me or have the results of epic summons been poor recently with a high probability of 3 star and continual repeats of a few 4 star heroes? The summons are expensive and are feeling like really bad value for money of late.
Am i alone in finding this?


I’m relatively new to the game but have done 5 10 pulls during my time and what your saying seems to be true.

I’m not seeing a change, but the odds are lousy. To a first approximation, odds of 5* are 3%, 4* are about 20%. As you summon more, the odds of doubling 4* increase. Mercifully I’ve not yet double-drawn a 5* other than a HOTM.

I am a person who spends some money on the game. Been playing for a few months and several thousand gems I have only 2… 5 star heros… 8 four star… and 5 three star. I know the game is built by chance but their should be better odds for some legendary

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How much money have u spent?

For another, similar point of view:

I had 6 x 5* but I ate Quintus. More 4* sitting idle or eaten than I’d care to admit. I’ve eaten dupes and others. Once upon a time I ate Boril and Kiril. Now I’m leveling them up. Same with Wu Kong and Boldtusk. I wouldn’t mind getting Perseus but I really don’t want to spend more on heroes right now, obviously.

Got a Perseus and i can care less.

Who wants to exchange him for Ares or Alberich?

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Sadly about 200. Thinking about stopping the money train

Roughly about 200. But it’s a game afterall

I know many are focusing on the Training Camp lvl 20 goal. :wink:

Yes. I keep getting distracted by my crafting house though. I have visions of stacks and stacks of timestops…

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So can you get 4 and 5 star gyros without the use of money? I have spent money on some very good specials and I do believe 1 other tine on diamonds but felt so mad about wasting my money on a game, albeit a very good and exciting game but I’m wondering if high star starlevel heroes can be accomplished without ever using money?

Yes, but it takes a while to get your training camps up to level 20. Once there, judging by the stats from the ongoing records of TC20 results, you have about a 20% chance of a 4% and a 5% chance of getting a 5*. You don’t get heroes of the month that way though.
FWIW, my first 5* I got for free from an epic hero token, so you can get them earlier for free, either from tokens or from saving gems for summoning attempts. It’s just not very common.

Percentages are close; I think we’ve settled on these odds from TC20:

  • 4* hero: 3/16 (18.75%)
  • 5* hero: 1/16 (6.25%)

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