Poor sportsmanship/cheating in wars

Alliances are making their weaker players put in only one 2* or 3* hero as defence in wars which only gives 10-15 points for a kill.

We are currently facing an alliance where half of their alliance have done this while the other half have a defence of around 3000.

This totally excludes the weaker players in alliance from participating in the war. Not only that, even our strongest players do not have 6 teams capable of taking on a 3000 defence to get a decent point score.

Please please make a rule to stop this, as I was enjoying the wars, but now am totally disallusioned.

This is ruining my enjoyment of the game, and could be a cause for me giving it up.


While I agree it is poor sportmanship and less fun for you, it should still be an easy win for you. Just concentrate on the stronger teams. Let your stronger players do the first hit on those and the weaker do the mop up. And when nobody has strong teams left, concentrate on taking out the tank and go from there. The stronger teams are now worth so much more points, that even if it costs 6 flags to take them down, it still is worth it.


Well, aren’t you just clever Brobb.

What I am saying is that it is destroying the game for new players. Why would they bother to attack in a war when their total attack strength is 1500 or less versus a defence of 3000?

And, I thought of this tactic after the first war, but I’m not a cheat, so didn’t use it.

Have you tried double (or triple) teaming the strong 3000 point players, take out their center, crack them like an egg and send the next player(s) in to mop up?

When we face 4000 point players, this is what we do; we want to take out those players! :wink:


I think that’s what Brobb was implying if you read through all his sarcasm…


Whoever posted empty spots should just be auto-filled with strongest heroes may be onto something.

Not sure it could be done easily in the code; however, people clearly aren’t learning that this is a stupid strategy and it wouldn’t be a terrible idea for SG to just end the issue.


Have the weak plAyers attack the weak defenses. Problem solved

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I would think it wouldn’t be too hard to make it auto DQ any teams that don’t have the full roster filled and treat them as if they were left blank.

Two Wars ago an alliance tried this with us. They had 7 teams with just a single hero, being worth 15-30 points each. This also however made their full 5 hero teams worth 80-100 points each.

The single hero defences were easy second round points for our team members whose 5th and 6th teams are comprised of 2* heros that normally only get 0-5 points anyways. We just focused on our stronger hitters weakening a 5 man team and then those with less of a roster did the cleanup to score the kill bonus points.

Sad thing for them was they actually scored quite well against us… if they had not given us so many points per flag they may have had a chance to win.


We are trying anything to let our little players participate in wars without losing 60.points everytime they got attacked by setting 1 1* heroes. It s not my fault that all alliances need to participate in wars. Most of us members just don t like it

Then you are being foolish and you will be beaten brutally. Unless you get lucky and face a team that can’t work out how to do it, of course.

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Btw, it doesn t help us winning

Thank you for your inlighting message.

‘Enlightening’. You’re welcome.

Brobb you’re absolutely not contributing with your “edgy sarcasm” and picking on someone who spelled a word wrong in at least their second language. I’m not sure if you’re having a bad day or whatever but you usually post things with less…bite in them.

While some teams who enjoy the competitive aspect of exploiting loopholes, it’s completely silly to think that all team makeups are the same. Alliance wars quite obviously still has some more work needed to tweak it effectively for lower level and casual alliances unless the goal is to get them to stop filling out defensive lineups. There is absolutely no way a team of low level newbies is going to beat some high level team gaming the system by losing intentionally against titans before wars.

What this encourages is alliances completely excluding new players from joining because new players are an active disadvantage or it will just create less alliances that are more homogenized. I don’t think that either of these are the intended consequences.


They seem to troll the forums a lot from what I have read… just ignore them. For the most part its a good community, but as with any community, not everyone is kind, constructive, or considerate.

OK I’m not always a fan of the harsh sarcastic responses, but in this case:


First of all, to say this is cheating is pretty silly since there is no rule against it and the game features specifically allow it or it couldn’t happen.

To call it poor sportsmanship is potentially accurate since clearly the intent of the move is to try to gain unexpected and tricky advantage that is clearly counter to the design of the game and to a ‘let the best team win’ kind of principle.

That said, it is such a poor move strategically in terms of how the AW scoring works that it doesn’t seem worth it to complain about it. All this strategy does is concentrate the points into higher strength teams while significantly lowering the strength of the alliance overall. TO beat it, load up on the stronger teams. You can do it. Don’t be afraid. Then if you have enough flags left, take out the one hero teams with the end of your bench, reset the alliance, and repeat.

If you cannot do this because you are simply unable as an alliance to take these top teams out, you were doomed to lose this war in a blowout anyway. At that point your complaint should be with matchmaking, not with the tactic of the other team.


Hi, we are aware of the situation and are currently looking into adding restrictions for incomplete war defence teams.


Petri - ideally this will handle not just “incomplete” defenses that are <5 heroes, but also ones that are sufficiently weaker than your top heroes. i.e. a team of 5 leve one one-star heroes in a defense on intermediate alliances will still be a crap experience for the other team.



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