Poor Russian translation of the hero class names


I’d like to mention poor Russian translation of the new hero class names:

Paladin: translated to Russian as “Рыцарь” (Knight). This game already uses the word “Knight” in the “Knights of Avalon” event - there should be no identical translations for two different words. In Russian the word “Паладин” (literal translation) is widely used and is absolutely fine.

Ranger: translated to Russian as “Следопыт” (Pathfinder). Well, there is such translation for the word “Ranger” but a better one would be literal “Рейнджер”, which is also widely used.

Sorcerer: This one is very confusing as its Russian translation “Волшебник” is a close synonym of the translation for another class - Wizard (“Маг”). For “Sorcerer”, as adept of dark magic, the best translation would be “Колдун”. And the pentagram icon is definitely a symbol of “Колдун”. The word “Волшебник” (current translation for “Sorcerer”) would suit Wizard class better but I guess renaming it now would create even more confusion.

To summarize:

Paladin - Паладин
Ranger - Рейнджер
Sorcerer - Колдун

Please fix these translations.

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