Poor Oberon!


Oberon is a hero I want to use so bad! But, he charges mana slowly, does minimal damage, and fights don’t come even close to lasting long enough to effectively use his Damage Over Time ability…

I say: “Let’s empower him!”

Could he be made into a 4* and be on par with a hero like Colen? But Dark instead of Fire?

What are your thoughts?


I won’t use him as is. What kind of special would you give him? Just more of the same? Different?


His damage over time, in my opinion, could be a powerful DoT. The initial impact could be the same, but the TICK could be very powerful, almost like a “must be cured or you will die” tick. Make him a 4* or a really good 3*.

Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

What about you?


I just think–even at six turns–his damage is too low:

I’d want to see more residual damage at least…and 150% initial damage if he’s 4*; give him what LiXiu gets (and I think her attack is too low, but offset by her other special). I digress!


This is not a problem with just Oberon, but the entire group of heroes need some love. This is a problem with all heroes that have “damage to all heroes” slow ability. It takes forever to charge. The hero is usually dead before activation or there aren’t 5 targets to hit alive anymore, making the effect weaker and not worth the time anymore.

Fast single targeters are far more useful as they can kill heroes much faster, thus preventing a lot of damage back to you. They made slow heroes faster a while ago, but it still isn’t enough.


I always thought that about Oberon as well.
It seems more damage over a shorter period of time would make more sense in my opinion… The fight is over by the time the effects end as it is now making it not very effective


You know what would be interesting… if they implemented a system where your final ascension could add a star to your card… so for instance, when Oberon is maxed, I could also level him to a 5* hero equivalent.

Interesting feedback. Thanks all for the pleasantries :slight_smile:


I doubt that rarity upgrade idea will happen. People wouldn’t pay those special summons anymore, if it was that easy to get them. I suppose the summons are the biggest source for income for the company.