Poor Game building to cost us money

I’m am very disappointed in how you have set us up to spend money and get nothing… my Alliange is going to stop spending money on this game… the Legendary event gives 98% 3 stars… dropped 2600 gems on 10 feeders… I’m scaied to add up how much I’ve spent… probaply could buy a 4K tv… brand new… fix this or we all will sttart dropping like 3*'s…


Stop spending, you’ll enjoy the game more.


I agree with you 100%

After all the heartache of the last Tavern of Legends and still no one has learnt :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

It’s the worst odds in the game…the actual odds of getting a specific HOTM you want is lottery win level.

Don’t expect it to behave differently to how it tells you it will be.


Stop spending.As an old school rpg player who spent some money in this casino and i regret it go and play some baldurs gate.I remember when these kind of games(microtranscaction,loot box) popped up few years ago all the old school gamers were outraged.Now is a normality.This is an insulting overpriced “pay for a 1% chance to get what u want” game.its not worth it.i turned f2p and i more ok with the game and with myself.


If you don’t like the odds then why are you participating in this casino-like system? Also, it’s 71% for a 3 star.

alot of entry at reddit and other platform… This company should read that topics… nobody is happy with the game’s situation right now. #nospend. they will lose a lot of customers if they don’t please their players

Then stop spending. If you hate the game so much, then stop playing. Feed tour maxed heroes to a 1 star hero and feed your leveled troops to a 1 star troop. Record the entire process, upload it to youtube, and hope that the video will get viral. Maybe you’ll earn all the money back and more for the time, effort and resources spent playing this game for months or years. Trust me, it’ll make you happy.


Agreed, the longer i play iam heading more and more towards very C2P, meaning VIP and PoV, and thats it.
Feels beeing less stressed playing this way. No point is chasing in whales, unless you are fine with spending hundreds of EURO montly, litteraly.
The results of summoning with your gems is same-awfull when you use just free summons, or when you pay for lets say 30 extra summons in one month.
Time to show that player base isnt careless where this game going, which is pretty much obvious latelly - more spending, more pay2win.
Bottom line is, you can really enjoy the game more, when you spending less.