Poor Elkanen, need more improvement

got elkanen tier 3 but still confused to ascend him to tier 4 i think better kadilen. elkanen damage not to big event need 2-3 skill to kill 3* hero, its a poor hero in this game. can small giant do some upgrade? specially on his damage so poor cannt kill some 3*.
can some one give a reply about kadilen/elkanen? really need help here between elkanen or kadilen. got kadilen too n still confused go for elkanen tier 4 or kadilen tier 4… thanks Uploading… Uploading…

Neither of them is great to me.

I have Elkanen and been whining about him needing buffs since idk, September. He got a small one that changed nothing.

I ascended him hoping it would bait the game to show me a middle finger and drop Lianna from, T20 but my masterplan failed.

I basically only use him on defense and only because the alternative would be a 4* hero.

That being said, I don’t think Kadilen’s any better. At least not for my uses (so active part of game, defense is the least engaging thing… obviously. So a “fun” defense-only hero would have to be really bloody good at it).


Kadilen is a much better hero. I’d run her over Elk on both defense and titan teams.


The only good thing about elk is his special animation


Confirm Kadilen as more useful then Elkanen.
Better stats and more annoying/useful special.

But yes, for beeing fast heroes they both clearly lacking the killer factor of all the others.

I suppose if Kadilen’s special saves the team from titan’s special she might have an edge there. But that’s a small consolation.

Their attack stats are similar, on the lower end amongst 5* heroes, from greens only Horghall has lower one. Just tile-damage wise Melendor, Skittle-skull, Green Wabbit, and, especially, Little John are all better.

So I guess, indeed, Kadilen is the better choice for titan as she gives more survivability to the team and both heroes are pretty weak on attack :thinking:

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wise Man, you right sir

thanks for the reply

Thanks sir, will chose kadilen

thanks sir… will tier 4 kadilen…

I have always wanted to try Kadilen and Viv together in a raid to see if their special’s stacking causes me to not die. But alas, Kadilen is pretty far down the green list so she is sitting at 1/1 and not worth raiding with.

I’m this close -----I I---- from feeding him to any other hero…What were they thinking…?

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They buffed his special skill damage last time so he can heal 5 health more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good point, now I’m only -----I… …I---- this close from feeding his ■■■ to someone…

C’mon, guys, i have both Kadilen and Elk and they are incredibly, extremely useful for farming 8-7 even unascended or 2-60 - a killer team. So the key is to use them wisely!

I hope you’re being ironic, but I don’t know you yet so I’m a little hesitant to snicker just yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: indeed level 5* heroes for farming is some thing…

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Depends on where the farming is going on. Overkill for 8-7, maybe not so much for province 23.

agree, hahaha thanks for reply

Thanks for write, agree sir