Poor Design for Multiple Accounts

I have multiple accounts (three) and have them set on two devices. Originally I had each account on a different device. Because of lagging on a cheaper tablet I moved one of my Android accounts to a better device which had my tertiary account.

Here’s what I didn’t realize would happen:

Even though each account on the Android Device has a unique email to set up an account BOTH accounts share the same Account # ! This is horribly wrong way to design a game that has features to allow players to have multiple accounts. This is also why Small Giant (now Zynga) can easily say to players who lose access to a secondary account that they do NOT support Alt accounts.

Now, I have carefully curated the emails, passwords, Google Play accounts (and Apple Store for my primary) for my three accounts because of an incident within my Alliance of a player who lost their secondary account (and the money invested in that account). I know many on here will blame that Alliance member for not remembering/maintaining a password/email on an account…but I think that SG/Zynga has the ability to restore that account.

For it was their design that caused the lost.

I don’t think that they have duplicate Account #'s… mainly because that is a Unique identifyer so having duplicate account numbers wouldn’t be possible.

Also, just checking what is the actual Bug/ Issue that you’re experiencing? Is it you wanting to change the design, in which case it would be better suited to #ideas-feature-requests. Or is it for the purposes of discussion, where it would be better in #general-discussion


Trust me that they both have the exact same Account#. The issue is that two unique accounts have the same Account#. I believe Account #s are set to devices and are not unique if one device is used for multiple accounts.

Edit: my iOS account # is a combination of 5 letters/numbers. My Android Account # is a combination of 6 letters/numbers.

The shared Android Account ends in “2” and now I’m wondering if that is an indicator on how many accounts are on the device and the bug is in labeling each account. For example: the first account would be XXXXX and the second would be XXXXX2.

So they don’t have exactly the same Account number?

Not what I said at all.

Let me be clear: The two accounts I have on my Android device have exactly the same, 6-characters Acoount #.

I’m not sure that’s possible. How could they distinguish between different profiles if they have the same account #? If email (gmail) account is different then account # should be different. I don’t think it would be possible to have multiple accounts with the same email.

If it IS possible then that is a serious bug!

@mhalttu @Petri do you know what’s going on here?

Someone in these forums has to be in a similar situation. If you have multiple accounts on one device could you please do me a favor and see if their Account # is the same?

Do not post screenshots of your accounts. Just say if they are the same and what OS your device had. Thanks in advance.


I would be MORE than willing to post a video showing the veracity of my claim to a Developer via a private communication.

It is the exact same Account #.

Having the exact same account number for a completely different profile is just bad.

Completely agree.

I think it serves the developers a function. I believe Account # are specific to devices. I also believe it is why The devs are unwilling or unable to “support” multiple accounts.

I have 10 on mine ALL the same #s and ALL end in 2

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Thanks for the response!

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Is your account # 6 characters?

Again, thanks for your response.

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LOL i loved the game to much did NOt want to wait for flags…and like a real DUMB ASSP spent on all

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yes they was…6…

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Thanks. Hopefully more will respond to confirm, too.

Wow, that is, shortsighted to say the least.

I only have the one player profile and that takes up way too much of my time :rofl:


I hope it is “shortsighted”. I fear it is intentional. I hope it’s just one of those things planned on but they haven’t gotten around to it…

But the pessimist in me thinks it’s either a cost-saving issue (I.e. server space) or a money-making issue (8.e. Ad revenue based on views per account).

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Hi, as noted earlier:

Please also note that only one game can be saved per each Google Play/AppleID account.


Question: if a kick ■■■■ Hero appears in 1 acct, does he show on all?
Major cheat if it does.:grin:
Have a merry and happy.

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