Pompitous Top 10 raid challenge

You know who I didn’t see?

Not once!
Noor! :rofl:
Boy how many times did @rigs @Mr_Style_Points and so many other talk about that slow speed at competitive gameplay.

Your roster seems to be developing
go-to heroes. C. Rigard made almost every match I think. Oh No, you had the mono red without Noor…
And Zocc was in most the others, too. If you keep spending money. You wind up with heroes who sit on the bench. Or you can stay low and play with 3*'s if you really wanted to.

If someone really wanted to, they could lather it on with a 90%+ win ratio for their Gato. But why do that?


If my memory serves correctly I stacked against the back row in that one after misreading the raid formation. No heroes I brought in that match would have changed the outcome. That is not on Myztero but on my own carellessness.

I don’t particularly care about running into big names. Do you think it signifies something?

I still don’t accept your definition of competitive. I play competitively every day, in raids, tournies and wars. Playing against top 10 defences and not re-rolling doesn’t make it any more competitive, but it does force me to take on defences I would not normally do which was I mentioned had the positive effect of introducing re-emblemed C Melendor into my bench to counter the taunters and dodgers

Yes, because Skadi is a better anti minion solution (I rate her A++ vs Noor B/B+). You know who else you didn’t see? Gefjon (or did she come out once on a mono stack?). Is she crap? Tyr. Malosi. C Joon… Because these guys didn’t have a spot against the top 10 defences … they are crap? Noor has a place, it just wasn’t agianst those particular defences.

It wasn’t about speed, it was fit for purpose.

Yeah, because the mono red was about magnifying the damage. If there was a minion summoner and it still made sense to go mono red then Noor would have come.

Not sure what this means. Everyone ends up with heroes on the bench. And as I said, the heroes that I benched against the top 10 defences is not an accurate indication of their usefulness/power

Not sure what this means either

I am not sure why you are lathering on this point. Again.

My win rates that I have quoted before have never been cup dropping or choosing easy defences. In fact, I skip defences that are not a challenge. And they have never, ever been against defences with an equal or lower TP than mine. If I am playing a certain team because I enjoy it, or showcasing that team, then I will skip defences that are not a good fit for it. As I have said before. I can win without skipping, as I have said and as I have shown. But it requires too much effort to constantly change my team before each matchup. Even in the top 10 video, I didn’t have a team that could be used for all scenarios.

Now tell me again, why do you think my quoted win rates are not valid?

Wrong. You used Gefjon just as much as you used Myztero. Out of the 249 posts you have in the Noor thread (almost 20% of the entire thread!)
you talk so much about her not being about anti minion and more about that AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, GAME CHANGING pseudo heal. But she doesn’t get used at all and Gefjon does :face_with_monocle:

Myztero will be next.
After 100’s of posts…
While people who have spent an extra year or so playing; make a deeper comparison from their rosters.
But their comments are cast aside and perceived as personal attacks.
It’s round 2… here we go!

Most of your win-ratios, which vary from post to post… are directed at people who are frustrated with boards. While being:

That’s ego
Not entrainment

:point_up_2:That is a balance issue!
And it’s one that long term forum users have given up talking with you about.

Heroes that lose value and eventually get sidelined is unhealthy for the variety of this game.
Buffs become necessary to stimulate variety. Then costumes… unfortunately.

But rather than listen to any of that. Or any of this. Anyone who says otherwise gets lashed out at as being lazy or lacking imagination. Followed up by ego ratios from lower ranks and rerolls that get edited from 84% to 85% because 84 just seemed too real…?
Only to have him get sidelined a year from now for a consistent rogue.

One that someone has already traded him in for after they really tried hard to like the hero. But he simply never compared.


I realised that I had used Gefon when I posted this but the topic is in slow mode so I was not able to edit it. I updated the info in the other thread about this.

That is absolutely untrue. And don’t worry I will come back with direct quotes showing you are wrong.

Did I at any point say she was better than Skadi, however? I have not. So given the choice between Skadi and Noor I will take Skadi. Her not being the best in this does not make her not good. I still take her in every war. And I take her in almost every PVE event with great results - and that is specifically for the heal and minion attack rather than minion countering

I haven’t said anything about personal attacks. You have made personal attacks against me for sure, but I don’t see what people say about Myztero as personal. Given my experience with him I just don’t agree with their points.

Perhaps you have misunderstood what I have said in the past. I have never said that no heroes deserve buffs. I have said that Noor and Myztero don’t need buffs, for the many reasons I have given. And certainly some of the newer heroes that people are crying about being weak such as Thor. Heroes like Perseus, Thoth Amun, Aeron, Natalysa (yes I do think she is super weak), Boss wolf - they all need buffs to be viable.

I listen to everyone’s point. I concede points where they are valid. My friend… you very rarely have valid points, which is why perhaps you have not witnessed it.

Again with the attack? What ego ratio are you talking about? What lower ranks are you talking about? I am hoping I will not need to repeat this again - I take on teams higher TP than me. I reroll on teams that dont provide any challenge. I take on teams where the defence meets the niche of any team I am fielding. I do reroll where I don’t have counters for a particular team and don’t want to go mono. I reroll when I can’t be bothered setting up a specific team to counter (this is usually the case). I have shown you that I can take any team on in the world without rerolling - and get just about the same win/loss ratio (as I said I set up one of my teams wrongly, so I wouldn’t count that in the win/loss ratio if I was examining the effectiveness of heroes/configs).

And do I edit from 84 to 85? Maybe. Maybe even from 83 to 85. Or 86 to 85. I don’t keep 100% meticulous records and I don’t intend to, unless there is a specific “challenge” to “prove something”. If I win 20/24 of my raids in a day and 21/24 the next? I’d probably consider that an 85% win rate overall.

I am at the same stage with Myztero that I was with Noor. I am not going to try to convince anyone who doesn’t like him that he is actually very good. But if anyone asks my opinion, or if anyone gives an opinion that I dont agree with then I will speak up

In other words, you only edit the info if you need to make your statement look true. We call that “doctoring” the evidence.


hello Notrorious SO GLAD TO SEE YOU ALIVE!!! I missed you so, so much. Are raids still sucking for you? SGG not giving you any tiles? Try giving Noor a run… someone in my old alliance used to call her a tile summoner, maybe she will work for you

No, not doctoring. Rounding. Rounding up, and rounding down. As I said. Because I am not keeping records of every single raid and war and raid tourney I partake in.

Want to throw me a challenge with Myz or Noor? I am happy to record it all for the most accurate records :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You got a playbook that goes way beyond this. And also gets…“snippy”
It seems like the first chapter is to quote the extremists.
You love challenging the wrong voices. They are easy to debate against.
But… the downside is how it drags on and on…

I quit watching it for Noor, Now I see this chapter of the playbook happening for Myztero:

[Buff Myztero - #433 by Homaclese]

And when I see it I will inject voices that aren’t just blubbering how much the hero sucks. But have legitimate concerns.

I care more for Myztero because he is not a Hotm. And he never gets featured odds like other heroes do repeatedly in multiple portals. The disappointment felt over this hero has sound arguments. That can be seen in MANY of your videos. And so just as you are entitled to give your opinion. So will I continue to give mine. I don’t plan to argue with you about it. Unless you want to continue the discussion with me.

Another chapter in the playbook is to spread your new project (off-topic) all over the forum. That’s mildly annoying and I can just ignore that.

I didn’t care so much about Noor. And recognized after a short time that you will…be understood. And there will…be no other middle ground. So I only injected when players were questioning about ascending the hero and wanted them to know exactly what they were getting for all those mats and resources.

Which delves into another chapter in of the playbook. Exaggeration… but that’s fine too. I will continue to focus on facts.
Such as the value of minions is not multiplied by 5, when only one is applied per each living ally.

As far as win-ratios go… I care less about those than I do letter grades.
A letter grade is a quick summary of what someone else values a hero.

Win-ratios have less value for other people because not only do they NOT have your roster. They also don’t raid in your tier. The only person that win-ratios matter for… is the one collecting.
They matter most for you!
And I was just curious how if you do it all the time why you were so “annoyed” about it suddenly, and also off… on the numbers.
So… you don’t do it when your raiding consecutively? Just every now and then? Ok…

I also track it. Mostly for my defense as it is really the only indicator I have to see if I need an adjustment. I don’t see the point in making others feel inferior about it. They don’t have my defense!

I will address any concerns in this thread. So we don’t derail other topics. Making this thread right here was a great move! A somewhat, joint effort :wink:
Where we can spare other readers our tit-for-tats!

We should bro hug.

But… Myztero won’t get a buff…
Balance is the only topic I care passionately about. And it’s pitted you, me, and many others as adversaries.

That’s the nature of balance in this forum. And so long as you carry a torch over something that people feel resentment over. You may want to take care not to ignore legitimate concerns or call them lazy and unimaginative.

As for me… Myztero won’t get a buff…
Eventually he’ll get a costume.

And all of my pains in the god forsaken war zone we all call balance. Have been for nothing.

So on second thought. Congratulations on your Myztero. Go ahead and wrack up the posts. I really don’t care. Because it really doesn’t matter


There are so many inaccuracies in your post… but you are right about one thing, it does get tiring. And I don’t have the time or energy to go and correct them all - so I will just correct this one thing:

I recounted and I won 7/10 then went on for a total of 9/12, as i stated. I wasn’t sure how many raids I was up to so I kept going to the 12th raid. But there were definitely 12 raids and not 11 as you claimed. And none of this mythical smoke you keep referring to.

I will leave it at this:


There is definitely a mono green at the end that I don’t remember seeing before. The 11th match was actually entertaining and I could swear it ended there but ok. I stand corrected.

Bring on the next “inaccuracy”
Or was that mythical smoke?

It’s really weird… and then there’s a copy where the soundtrack changes on the 12th match and you can hear a kid

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This, for one. I don’t exaggerate. You actually exaggerate in the opposite direction (is that called understating? Seems too mild a word for it). For example when you state that ascending Noor only gets you 52 HP. And that there are no other heroes that give you less for maxing. Have you met any healer in the game? Any support hero, whose special does not increase but only their survivability? Her special increases the survivability of her whole team, and not just herself. That is a big gain for ascending. And whilst I can’t talk for anyone else, when I was using her with her original team I would usually get her to trigger twice and have 2-3 self-minions which added up to a lot of extra health for the team at the cost of the mats. So at least one innacuracy from your side (that no other hero gets less for ascending), and more likely 2 (as you are suggesting - and correct me if I am wrong - that she only does self-minions in an average raid, and doesn’t do her special? - which means 2-3 minions per raid?). I suppose only SGG can answer that question as they would be the only ones to hold the figures.

I don’t believe I do that? When someone talks about Noor or Myztero in another topic, I respond. I also respond to other topics too. If either hero is relevant in another topic, then I respond too - for example counters to Bera tanks, and most surprising heroes - so are these what you would consider as off topic? I’d like to get some examples of how I spread my new off topic project “all over the forum”

I already explained why this was and still is an exaggeration:

Along with how amazing and incredible Noor is. Dare I say OP? Nah…
but not good enough to provide her pseudo heal at the top…

I can’t do this for Noor… would break the scroll button…
But your last post in the Noor balance thread announced that you have a new project.

:point_up_2:nobody asked. You carried on into Bera.

Balance is a tar pit… separate so we can mute the whole category!!

HUGE So big advantage. Makes Noor blush in her thread.

But this next one…

:point_up_2: That really sums it up doesn’t it?

The most honest comment about Myztero out of all of them!
So true!
100% ego

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Nope, you didn’t. All you did was understate.

As someone who has read every one of my posts in the forum you should surely know that the topic title was tongue-in-cheek, and I have explained it in a number of posts. I don’t consider Noor OP in any way, shape or form. But you know that. But will use anything to try to prove your point. Regardless of how accurate it is.

Entirely on-topic. A post about the mechanics and skill in the game… and I talked about the skill in using my newest hero/team, which is very strategic in nature. And I’m sorry, does someone have to specifically @Homaclese before I am allowed to reply to a post? Try again.

From what I can over half of these types of topics are overlapped. Not a biggie, if you think there is value in having both.

Oh dear, was I - again - replying to someone else in another post? So call me guilty of riding off-topic waves, but I don’t generate those waves.

And yes, Myztero has a huge advantage in speed. Meaning he can often cast against the tank special, and cast again against the flank specials.

Guilty as charged, for once! There is something that really riles me up for the entitelement that people feel towards having all of their heroes being OP. Not only is Myztero not UP, he is (much) more than usable… and so yeah a bit of ego comes up in trying to showing that this is true despite the flood of negativity

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@Pompitous is so politely, yet savagely, destroying @Homaclese :rofl::joy::rofl:

I have my popcorn :popcorn: and am just enjoying the show

Really, @NotoriousDAD

I have countered each of his points, although he has only admitted being wrong on the point where he claimed I falsified the results of his little challenge and the recount showed that it was just as I claimed. He has misquoted me and quoted me out of context many times, each of which I have shown was not as he portrayed. Just like you keep trying to cast doubt on the authenticity and accuracy of all of my arguments without having a single valid argument of your own.

I concede the last ego comment in that I am trying to prove people wrong regarding Myztero, but that is just becaues it boggles me that most people are not seeing how good he is and demanding more and more. People are wanting more and more yet on the flip side crying about how the game is unbalanced. That is what has the greatest chance of dragging this game into the ground, not things like your alleged “manipulated boards”

PS I hope you have unmuted me as otherwise you are just being a coward who flings poo and runs away

Yeah I agree. I don’t see any countering or winning of any kind here whatsoever.
Looks more like a dumpster fire than anything else. And when I point at it…
It’s more like dumping gasoline somehow

I haven’t always been polite either. And apologize @Homaclese for any mud flinging from my end. I did try to keep civil. And failed.

I get that. And it must be very rewarding for you to undertake such a noble job.

But you were dead set to
"prove people wrong"
Before you even had the hero…
premeditated ego, what is that?

I went looking through the Myztero Buff thread to find the entitled people who want all their heroes to be OP and spew a flood of negativity.
Unfortunately… a few of those straw men exist. And rather than ignore them and have a discussion based on relevant non-biased findings… those straw men are being propped up.

But the worst thing is… it doesn’t matter!

Myztero will get his costume, eventually.
In the meantime, you can carry on waging war against all the lazy, unimaginative folk,

Balance is moot


Apology accepted, and I give my own for where I have failed in this regard.

Let us move ahead with civility, shall we? And let’s assume the best of each other rather than the worst, unless proven wrong.

My logic senses were goin crazy at all the trash talk of Myztero, before I had him. The arguments just didn’t make sense to me. So it was almost like saying I need to prove that he works, to prove my own logic isn’t broken.

And I wasn’t certain on the outcome…

I was hoping my logic was right, but there was a fear that all of the negativity was accurate. In the end I am happy to report that in my experiences he functions as well (better) than I expected him to.

Interesting turn this challenge topic took…

Maybe don’t focus on that stuff.

It’s not trash to note that someone could fire Alfrike while your Myztero sat there charged.
And different rosters
And different raid tiers
Will cause a different point of view

OMG you guys…yawn fest warning!

Seriously who cares who’s right and whether the other one is exaggerating. Find a room and argue in private


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Might I suggest going to bed? Now get yer head out of the way. I’m trying to enjoy the show! :joy:

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