Polygon Graph for Hero Comparison 📊 - Available Here from @Garanwynn and @kamikaze_assassin

Some of us are very visually orientated when it comes to our interpretation of data (hence Athena has a low-cut top but is yet to produce a theses on palaeoclimatology).

If it doesn’t already exist, does anyone have the aptitude and resources to produce a bit of code that would plot Def, attack, hp and mana speed on a polygon?


A bit like this.

Heroes could be overlaid on each other for a quick visual comparison of strengths.

For EXTRA CREDIT add a feature that could calculate common buffs.

i.e. my 3^70 Domitia has a lower attack than my 4^70 Tibertus but I really want a dispeller so if I take Boldtusk too, can I boost her beyond Tibs??

Anyone producing such a piece of software, or a preloaded spreadsheet maybe, would be awarded the Bards Prize For Technical Innovation and a poem immortalising their work.

If this already exists, can someone link it?



It’s possible to make a diagram like this in excel, but it’s a lot of work to put in all the data.

Potentially, people could be left to put in their own data because heroes could be at all different levels

First, there are a number of hero planners that have all that data already in spreadsheet form, so you could get the data relatively painlessly. You’ll probably have to find one that has the source data exposed or be willing to contact the people that own the spreadsheets.

Second, It would be interesting as a data point, but I doubt it would be awfully useful since the effect of the special is very dependent on team composition. An elemental debuff could be less useful that an all-defense debuff for a rainbow team, but could be much more important in a color stack that takes advantage of that debuff. And even then the effect would be subjective.

I find just looking at Pois’ sheets is the best way to compare.


Yes, I totally accept that this idea wouldn’t predict synergy.

And yes, those tables are excellent, but as I said, lots of us find it helpful to interpret data visually and trying to hold the different numbers in one’s head to make a broad comparison can be quite challenging :wink:

If you pick a tool spreadsheet, I’m happy to quickly hack something into it for you.

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Er…tool spreadsheet? How different to regular spreadsheet?

Sorry. I mean one of the existing tools available in spreadsheet form. So, for instance pick Red Python’s spreadsheet, or the 7DD team planner, or your spreadsheet of choice.

What is MEN and ENE?

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Lol I don’t know, I just stole the graphic from Google! This was just a ‘blue-sky’ idea, I’m counting on the clever folk here to actualise it!


@Garanwyn @JonahTheBard
if you two decide for my table and stumble upon some issue, or need some feature, let me know, I’ll help if I can :slight_smile:

altough, earlier when I was figuring things out I was using conditional formatting (for each column), like from red through white/yellow to green, and give it some boundaries (eg not from 0 to max, but like 200 to 600), and that way I could see who has better attack/def by ‘feeling’ shades

but, that’s not shape for value, that’s color for value, don’t know if that could be useful?


Is this what you’re looking for?


HAMSTER :smile:

I haven’t seen you grace a thread in a while. I hope you’re well and concocting more clever schemes!

You sir, are very close to winning the prize

Google Sheets was being a hassle on my cellphone, so I just quickly ginned something up in Excel and then exported it to Google Sheets.

This will let you compare up to 4 heroes:

Just pick them from the dropdown menu


That’s exactly it, dude.

Hats off. Head bowed. Hand shakes all round.

Perfect 10:


Winner winner; chicken dinner.

N.b. my phone did need to convert it back to .xls before the drop down menus work.


Thanks so much!!!
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I added a basic version of this to my classes sheet too.


It’s read-only as it sits, so you can’t play with the drop downs until you make your own copy (in whatever format floats your boat).

I’m glad it does what you need!


Cool idea! I’d suggest a different scale for health than attack/defense. Double would be easy and not far from ideal. (Mana speed is obviously already a different scale)

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