Pollikins MANA SHEET

Hi everybody. I just created a new mana sheet in order to help you figure out the best combination of heroes, troops and talents for your teams, regarding their mana speed.

I would love to hear what you think about it - please comment below. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:
Many thanks go to @Monyet and @Rook for helping me translating this sheet into english. Have fun! :smiley:

Best regards!


This is awesome!

Thanks for takin the time to put this together


Thank you for your hard work on this.

I have a very minor nitpick/suggestion - switch the position of Rogue and Fighter so that you can use the light green background for Fighter class. That way the dark green will mean level 8, the light green will mean level 19, and the yellow level 20 :slight_smile:

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This is perfect!
20 cheers.

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Amazing :blush:! Thank you for taking the time and effort to do that and sharing it with everyone.

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Respect on the work! 20x times

New stuff for you:

  • Morlovia family bonus 5% / 12% mana bonus for 2 / 3 different heroes

  • Odin mana bonus +8% up to +29% depending on number of yellow shields on the board (0 to 7, capped at 7)

  • (S3 levels only +28% bonus of runic stones which don’t even overwrite with other temporary boni)


nice mana sheet! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to add this to the list of updates.

x1 charge 4.905 (x2 9.81 / x3 14.715)


Great sheets… :+1:
Just a little correction… Ninja Mana charge 3x to make 14 tiles it require 6% not 5%, just like @ALX said x1 charge 4.905 not 4.9

How do you come up with these exact numbers?

some info can be found in another topic

  • Little JohnC same mana bonus on dodge as Margaret? Think yes…see green frames.

How does +24% Bonus on dodge relate to your stated 0.8 MU as absolute value per dodge?


I think it was from old version special skill with 8% :thinking:

example for average hero in the past:
10/100*8= 0.8 tiles

now is changed to 24%, so for average heroes:
10/100*24= 2.4 tiles (without mana acceleration)

2.4+(2.4/100*mana acceleration from troops, emblems, heroes special skill, chain link)= x tiles with mana acceleration

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Thank u for the awesome input @ALX, @Vikingblood80, @jinbatsu. An updated version will be avaiable soon. :slight_smile:


I made an interactive spreadsheet out of it. Ready to be published.


Published first version today:


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