[POLL] Yellow Limitbreak advice, too many heros to choose from

Yellow is my strongest color which makes choosing the LB Hero that much more difficult.

Sir Roostley
Hanitra 3.70
Vivica 3.70

My defense team currently utilises

Uraeus, Malicna, Bertila, C.Krampus, C.Azlar
Brings full HotM 2021 Crit Bonus, was looking to replace Uraeus with Hanitra to keep the Bonus.

All heros have/will have max emblems, when maxed.


  • Sir Roostley
  • Uraeus
  • Joon
  • Motega
  • Malosi
  • Hanitra
  • Vivica
  • Akkarog

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your awesome can you add akkorog forgot him 8D

Roost hits HARD! He was my LB hero and he’s served me well.


motega for sure, that increase final damage is insane, good for titans and the fiends for second charge miss 50% for all and the highest in the game… absolutely motega

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i am a bit surprised about the strong tendency to Sir Roostley.

I have a feeling he will be outclassed by most new heros because event heros are starting to get 270-300% damage to all + strong additional special effects.

Roostly benefits from pairing with Lepus & Killhare in defence. I have Lepus + Roostly and I LB Lepus on the basis I will do Roostly when I get the next set of yellows.

Together the damage racks right up

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