[Poll] Worst HOTM 2020. Pick your less favourite

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Yes there is the pre-existing “Best HotM of 2020” thread & poll by @Arthemis; this however is slightly different.
If you do want to vote for your “Favourite HotM of 2020”, head on over here: Best/Favorite Hero of the Month (HOTM) of 2020

Pick the worst hotm 2020
  • Vela
  • Jean Francois
  • Telluria
  • Malosi
  • Clarissa
  • Rafaelle
  • Noor
  • Zocc
  • Bai Yeong
  • Zulag
  • Glenda
  • Reuben

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Im between Reuben and Zulag.

Lets see who get the prize


Completely agree whit you.

For me, Zooc is really disappointing. He doesn’t really shine in attack nor in defense. If only he was fast…
In another hand, Noor is difficult to use. She’s a niche heroe, but when well used, she can be very useful. So she’s quite average.
Maybe the worst is Telluria. She was an incredible tank, and now she’s just meh. Moreover, she’s really useless in attack.


I dont have Zocc but hes not that bad. I would still use my Hansel for example instead of him but maybe for a second green war team

Well, I’ve done 246 pulls this year without a single HOTM, so I really can’t say. :frowning:


Unfortunately for Zulag, she is designed as a purple Ares built to be a purple tank in SG’s attempt to reduce or minimize players using Telly as tank and divert paladin emblems to her instead of placing or maintaining them to Telly. She is a subpar purely defensive hero (even if she has Element Link and innate resistance to sand damage) to her 2017 counterpart, Ares, who does not have an innate resistance and Element Link but is very much usable still against green titans for his very high attack and crit buff and better heal over time.


I voted for Rafaelle, simply because he is the only HotM on this list I haven’t summoned. :wink:


Yes, I think of Zulag similar to Reuben. They do specific things but at the end they seem to be half baked heroes with partial abilities. There are other heroes ie -Ares- or -grazul,Vanda- who are better suited or designed to do the job.

Lot of people voting for noor, i wont argue them, but i dont agree , she at least has an specific role and does it well.


Really? That’s around 20 pulls every month. Wow, man, I can’t believe you are that unlucky. I hope you didn’t include gray token and ETT summoning because they will never yield a Hero of the Month, regardless of the number of those tokens used. I got my HOTMs usually on the first few days of the month using free single pulls. The ones i wasn’t able to pull were Raffaele (I don’t need him since I have 2 Ariels, one is maxed and emblemed while the other is at 3/70), Noor (I don’t want her that since she is slow and really does almost nothing save minion summoning on the dying GTV defensive core), Bai Yeong (can’t say I am impressed on his blind and damage) and the one I really really wanted is a very fast yellow, Malosi. Got two Velas, 2 Clarissas, 3 Zoccs, 2 Zulags, 4 Glenda and 3 Reubens mostly from tokens, keys and coins.


No other hero that does what Ares can do: +54% attack and +36% crit buffs to himself and nearby for 4 turns, and believe me, it’s golden against green titans where tile damage matters the most. Add Wilbur and Falcon to the mix and say yahoo!!

Nope - here’s the rundown:
Atlantis - 16
Challenge Events - 46
Costume Chamber - 48
Epic - 6
Ninja - 2
Seasonal Events - 38
Tavern of Legends - 12
Valhalla - 78; including 5 Ten Pulls

Before the end of the year, I have another 2 or 3 in Valhalla and 3 or 4 more EHT’s for Seasonal. If I manage a pull this month, I’ll hold off on additional EHT’s until January. 2020 has been bad enough outside the game, so this is just rubbing salt in the wound :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that. I hope that 2021 will net you 20 HOTMs every month as a way for the game to recompense you for your troubled 2020 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This poll amuses me more than it should :rofl:

I voted for Zulag, because it’s the only hotm I got this year and the disappointment was…huge.


Your account is cursed. Better to delete it and start from the beginning :crazy_face:


Zulag, Zulag and Zulag.

I’m waiting to reach the level 10 of the HA to retrain four copies of her.

Stupid special immunity and easy to defeat.


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I rarely get hotms and I got ruben. I tried for Glenda with no avail, but I pull and got ruben. I’m not even wasting level 3 mats on him. Dude is straight garbage.


I chose Noor. It was between her and Zulag and i chose Noor because she is absolutely worthless unless very specific circusmtances arise. Zulag may be usable by those without deep rosters and a good tank. Yeah she is not the best tank, i wouldnt even call her good, but she is a tank. So if somebody has no tank hero and pulls her, she may do the job till low diamond, maybe a bit higher if fully emblemed.

When I first pulled Rafaelle, I thought he was a useless hero. Mostly because he is slow and slow just does not have many places today. But after I tested him in some battles (especially Ninja Tower), I can attest that he is pretty solid. His healing can be really powerful and life-saving.


Yeah, I was mostly joking that the good heroes are the ones you have and he is the only one I don’t have. I’ve had some tough battles vs Rafaelle especially in Rush wars. He is slow, but once he charges he is really good.