POLL: Who is Better - Maxed Hero with MCB or Maxed Costumed Hero

I swear, there were already 50 votes I’ve seen on some 5 star polls…

Couldn’t vote for any difference in Sonya, Caedmon and Tyrum as well, both CB and costume versions are pretty good depending on the imminent need.


Costume Ishhtak is an average speed Isarnia on 3 enemies. Quite powerful for 3* rarity. However I prefer Brienne costume for defense drops so I use her+ regular Ishhtak instead for events and it works out super well.

Berdens costume basically makes him a green Valen which is good too but again I end up prefering regular since cBrienne is a mini-Athena on all enemies.

Carver gets Telluria’s mana debuff with costume, and undispellable which is quite mean. He’s a top defensive 3* basically.

Azar reduces mana of 3 enemies instead of 1. Makes her much better and stands out from the other (better) red 3* snipers.

I voted for all the cleanse versions of the dispellers as well because they’ve become very mandatory in this meta


Interesting. Among the S1 legendaries and based on the feedback of several forum-users who participated in this poll, I only see Elkanen with MCB as superior to the costumed version of the hero. While others are split which are better between maxed costumed Isarnia and maxed Isarnia with MCB. Can anyone please elaborate?

Very happy you created this post @Ultra. I don’t have all costumes to give best feedback (no one does, I think), but I am primary interested in special skill, followed by tile damage. There are some heroes that can be swapped from costume to regular with different useful effects. I am pretty disappointed that Inari and C. Kadilen overwrite, although one has 56% chance with fox minion and the other has lower chance with thorne minion and amazed that C. Karil burns as ice hero instead of dealing water damage. But overall costumed versions are mostly more useful than original.


Hiya, @Marktanner. Oh, some players have the complete costumes in their “wardrobes”, trust me. Please check this My goodness (highest TP?) and you’ll notice a post with a screenshot of a player’s defensive team with the most TP, with costumed season 1 heroes.

I myself don’t have all the costumes. That is why I created this poll for us to have a ballpark estimate which other players and forum-users (who may have those heroes I don’t) thought the better hero: the original one or the costume version of themselves.

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I hate to impose, but 66 max votes is not really a representative of all forum users (I think). Here !! Here !!

In relation to 5* costumes which I have:

Costume Quintus is better because of the additional attack debuff.

Costume Sartana is better because of the special skill’s pure damage, and change from wizard to fighter class with chance to revive.

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I voted for Elkanen with MCB because he does more damage and has a guaranteed self heal. Costumed Elkanen has a weaker hit and the health steal is not guaranteed - what if there was no healing?

For Isarnia, both are very similar. Just a difference between up front damage vs higher and longer defense down. I think neither is demonstrably superior.


Yeah, i have a maxed elkanen with mcb amd didnt even bother to try out his costume yet…

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But Elkanen with costume hits three harder. Regular Elkanen only does minor damage to target’s neighbors. Costumed Elkanen hits all three for the same damage.


Yes, that’s correct I missed that. Given the higher single target damage though, it about evens out in practical terms for me. Then I’d pick the sure health over conditional health steal.


@Rduke77 & @Gregor.Jax

So, is costumed Elkanen’s skills better than the skills of regular Elkanen with maxed costume bonus? As far as the survey goes, maxed Elk with MCB edges maxed costumed Elk by 6% as to this time of writing.

It’s a toss up I think. Elk with costume hits three enemies at full percentage harder (Elk with MCB hits minor damage to neighbors of target), but Elk with costume relies on enemies healing to “steal” the health while Elk with MCB heals for a percent of damage dealt. It’s situational…


If you glance at Guvnor’s thread, Costumed Elkanen does much more damage than regular. Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?


That’s spread across three heroes though. Damage to the single primary target for Elkanen with MCB is higher. If you need to take out a single hero, there’s a bigger chance with Elkanen with MCB.

Anyway, as @Rduke77 pointed out it’s situational. Unlike some of the other hero costumes, one Elkanen choice isn’t overwhelmingly better than the other. And even in those cases for other heroes, you can always find exceptions - there are scenarios where Rigard with MCB is better than costumed Rigard. Just that the reverse is usually more common.

@Ultra above is also my response to your follow up question. Basically I agree with Rduke77’s assessment.

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Thanks for sharing your gray matter, guys. Anyone else?

And Vivica.
Also depend on what needs also: Brienne, Gunnar.

The poll, should have a 3rd and 4th option: Both Good, and Both Bad.
Example both good: Caed, Sonya, Tyrum, Vivica, Brienne, Gunnar
Example both bad: Prisca, Horghall


I thought of that, too, prior to making this poll. But in the end, I really thought of limiting the choices as simple as can be in order to establish which of the 2 heroes is really better overall. I do recognize that each has their specific use, but if ever we are faced in the future of 2 distinct heroes with the same powers, then this poll would serve its purpose, guiding the forums users and players as well.


Is he good for defence?
Is he good to be max emblem?