Poll: Which color titan do you do your best against?

That’s the poll! We wanna know which titan you have the easiest time with! The thought is that this might tell us which colors are the easiest to acquire powerful heroes in. We’ll just have to wait and see. :slight_smile:

Against which titan element do you perform best?

  • Dark
  • Holy
  • Nature
  • Fire
  • Ice

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Edit: So far with 57 voters, it looks pretty steady with Dark, Fire and Nature in more-or-less a 3-way tie, whereas holy and ice are bringing up the bottom. I suspect that this is due to the Wu Kong / Wilbur meta in which fielding a Fire or Holy team means that yet another team member, who is powerful enough to have as an off-color, is now on-color. The fact that Fire-titan-fighting-teams are so well developed that a those two teams are on par with the other two is interesting indeed!

Easily Dark, as Jackal is the only elemental defense debuffer I have.

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Yeah, those elemental defense down heroes can make a huge difference. For those curious, there’s only one per element at this point in time and they’re all quite special:

  • Guardian Falcon - Fire down
  • Guardian Jackal - Holy down
  • Guardian Panther - Dark down
  • King Arthur - Ice down
  • Evelyn - Nature down

Personally, I can’t wait to pull Wu. I’ve no other holy to level at the moment and he can do sooo much for… well, any team. :upside_down_face:


I can’t vote as I suck at them all.

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I think this will be the general consensus as wu+jackal are huge duet before even getting any other good yellow heros

Cause I don’t have any dark hitters lol

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Wu-Boldtusk-(Wilbur/Gormek)-Falcon-(Kelile/Scarlett) is a killer all 4* titan team that is fairly easy to attain; so I’d expect that to be more widespread as players’ best titan color. Holy lacks a non-elemental defense down and the 4* outside of Wu are not great for titans.

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I managed to pull G. Falcon during Teltoc last month and he is absolutely devastating against green titans and green heroes as well, my score almost doubled…

Btw I still don’t have Wu, hope to get him during atlantis (along with Evelyn maybe!)

I have at least 10 ice heroes including 4* and 5* heroes. So red titan is my fav. I can give the biggest damage in my alliance

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Definitely holy (already voted :laughing:)! I’m surprised to see it’s almost last on the list. But then, I’m judging by my results. I typically use a Panther, Sartana, Merlin, Bold and Wu combo. Unless I get a grinchy board with no purples, it’s a lot of fun! :partying_face:

Yeah! I was expecting that Holy and Nature to be the top dogs, personally. There are a lot of TC20 Dark heroes who are top notch (Rigard, Sabina, Sartana…), and with Boldtusk and crew… go figure!

I’m glad to have put together the poll. The results are definitely interesting.