Poll: What do you consider “C2P?”

What do you consider “C2P?”
  • No more than $10, total. Mobile games should be free, damnit!
  • No more than $59.99. I grew up in the era of consoles, and that’s how much video games cost, damnit!
  • Up to $50 or $60 per year
  • Up to $100 or $120 per year
  • Up to $20 per month
  • Up to $50 per month
  • More

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Oooooh this seems like a worthy :popcorn: and :beer: thread. Cheers!! :kiss:


Interesting poll. C2p definitely has a different meaning to different people.

Personally, I think buying all the best offers each month (1000 coins for $10, Atlantis/S3 1600 gems + 100 coins for $8, special VIP + 350 gems for $4, 200 gems per $1 ratio offers, etc) still falls within C2p range. The 3000 gems + 1000 coins + flasks/items for $30 offers are kind of pushing it even though those still come to around $1.50 per pull. Basically any offer that comes out to less than $1.50 per pull. I don’t know how much exactly that comes out to per month b/c the events change a bit but probably ~$30-50 per month. I’ve definitely spent way more than this range before for a couple of months, I’ve also probably had ~6 months that I spent within this range, and then for most of my time playing, I’ve spent less than this range or 0 per month.

If you’re buying gems from the shop, that most likely falls out of c2p territory.


I also think it depends on what tier you’re coming from. If you’re coming from a whale status then that has to be considered. It’s going to be vastly different if you’re coming from free to play. Like I said this will be an interesting thread. @gregschen nice job. This should be fun. :popcorn: :beer:


Yea definitely. I come from pure f2p. This is the first mobile game that I’ve ever spent money on. For the first 12 months of playing this game, I didn’t spend anything.


I came from mini :whale: so that is definitely going to be an interesting aspect of the votes. Cheers


F2P = never even connected a credit card.

C2P = credit card is connected but rarely used and only on the cheapest deals (VIP/POV, sometimes a 1 USD gem deal).

Anyone buying into the coin offers etc. in my view isn’t C2P anymore. C2P is almost like F2P but with little exceptions. Non-extremist non-payer.

If you go with budget of 20 USD and more, that’s not cheap anymore, even though for some it’s still in a low money bracket. In less fortunate countries that’s enough to make living for a week. Since the prices in EP are almost universal across the globe, if you are looking for common categories then you need to consider that. Even if 50 bucks for you personally is nothing, worldwide it’s not “cheap”, especially if what you buy is usually a disappointment lottery roll for a virtual unlock (so mostly throwing money out to the toilet like in a national lotteries).


I see your point but imo it’s all perceptions of personal realities. Tomato tomahto. :beer: :popcorn:

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F2p - play and get all through gaming even googleplay credit through other reward programs by testing games and apps.

C2p - buy montly ViP and/or PoV nothing side this is strict.


And that’s probably going to be the center of the discussion in this topic.

Should the definition of C2P be universal, or should it be personal?

One can go around and brag about 200 USD still being cheap for them personally so they consider themselves C2P (because they could spend a whole grand and still don’t care). For others 200 USD is a monthly budget including food and bills and even buying a VIP can be a “big deal”.

I think, if we use that abbreviation to communicate our ideas/advices in an open forum, and want our messages to be understood by a number of very different people that read the forum, these definitions should be universal and not personal. But it’s very easy to get your personal situation impact your perspective.


Yeppers, that’s why it’s going to be an interesting read

Since we have players from all over the world with different cost of living, maybe the poll should be using the Big Mac Index :smiley:


I consider people who buy strictly VIP and PoV pass VC2P (very cheap to play) and people who pay up to 50€/$ a month still C2P.


I have often asked myself whether I am C2P (or vC2P? :wink:).
You cannot ignore the personal situation. Even if that makes classification difficult. A certain percentage of my income is still C2P for me, even if the sum is significantly more for others.
Or it depends on the number of offers you use. For me, only VIP and / or PoV is C2P. If you also use the shop intensively, you are certainly a whale.
I look forward to the result. Thanks @gregschen!


This whole thing you wrote here pretty much sums up what i was thinking before i posted this poll.

If you just buy vip/pov, and like one additional offer every other month… that’s still already 1/10th of a car payment, monthly! Or, like you said, full bellies!


Or… one long island ice tea… and one long island a month will not go any way towards making you drunk. Is someone who buys one long island a month considered pay to drunk, or cheap to drink? Food for thought.

I mean should we be considering it in the context of modern recreational activities and hobbies, and consider the cost relates to those? Many of those recreational activities would be considered cheap in the western world but expensive in some parts of the world. I think that is more of a like-for-like comparison…


Or. Starbucks… Ppl spend for a Starbucks 5x weekly sooo roughly 20 bucks a week… :coffee: :cookie:

Then I guess I spend between 5-10 Grande Mocha Frappes a month, and consider that C2P :coffee: :grin:

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I think c2p is more about the random character of your spending habits than the ammount spent. One who regularry buys offers, may them be cheap or expensive, won’t fall under a c2p tag as far as I’m concerned, because they’re constantly spending money on the game and that sounds more like p2w. One who only buys one or two offers a year, even if they’re the expensive kind for some people, doesn’t necessarily make it expensive for the buyer, so they’re c2p in my book. Financial situations differ from player to player, what’s cheap for me is expensive for some and viceversa. But the constant regular buying of ingame store items will tag you as p2w, no matter if you only buy the cheapest available. Of course, it’s a matter of oppinion… and then, there’ll be the whales, of course…


I agree with this, basically if you’re buying just the VIP and maybe the POV and you buy only one special Deal that’s a random 30 bucks or something I would still consider that cheap to play. let’s be honest, how many ads are there? how many special deals are there? I’ve often wanted to count and see but I can’t be bothered with that :laughing:

If u only buy pov and the random 5 buck deal to me thats vc2p … Just my cafe latte no foam on the matter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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