*POLL* Very fast Wars and Tournaments - Should It Be Cancelled?

The only reason why I was repeating was because it seemed like you were missing my point or I was missing yours.

My only point is that strategy and tactics can only get you so far as the tile luck will dictate the outcome.

Yeah, I was replying to this one, so that was a mistake apparently as all you wanted to do was discuss the definition of tactics and strategy.

I feel like this is a great example of ‘pair better’ as a solution to the VF problem. You don’t want to fight the 2x Alfrike, 2x Mother North team. But the no-Alfrikers don’t wanna fight the Alfrikers, and so on. If they paired better, this wouldn’t be much of an issue. But F2P 1yr players are getting destroyed and hating the effect.

So SGG really needs to come up with a better system of elevating the top players while still allowing us cheapos to have fun.

well, VF won’t be fun at all if you don’t have several rainbow lvl 11 mana troops and some good handy mana controller.

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Yes, I do enjoy the strategy of V.Fast as figuring out which set of heroes I have can give me the best chance at a win is always a challenge. The tactics side is often extremely brutal depending on the boards, but I always build my teams for survival so there are the rare battles where I can turn the board around even when VF. Of course to do that I do need some matches to show up. What is really frustrating is when the move that can finally get me started is the one that will set off Alfrike.

And tile luck is needed in all situations, it is just more extreme in VF.

What else will I do with my 2 Alfrikes?

Mine isn’t an argument its my opinion. Which differs from everyone. This is a game and the game greatly depends on the board. The algorithms will make sure you dont win every time. As stated with many people if you don’t like it dont play it. Complaining and acting like a child doesnt change the fact that this is a forum to express your thoughts and opinion. Bashing another’s by saying its flawed just shows that you do really need to put your thinking cap on when playing and now when responding on the forum.

For me, wars are meant to be more serious. VF is a fun mode but not suited for competition. Tournaments on the other hand are inconsequential. Getting 1% is easy and rank doesn’t matter beyond that.

I wouldn’t mind VF wars being scrapped but tournaments can stay.

In tournaments even the best defense is easily beatable since you can use the same bs on offense. Wars are trickier since you obviously won’t have 6 alfrikes and Mikis.


I know VF settings can be a coin flip. But it allows for all players to have a chance at utilizing all of their heroes to the best potential. I am not saying I do get frustrated from sometimes with the modifier. I can get frustrated from any modifier. I agree that if they brought back some modifier, or added new modifiers VF would be less often. That would be better than eliminating diversity of play styles from the game.

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Counterpoint - no it isn’t

I’m 20-5 in this tournament and I have an A rated defence. I don’t have Alfrike but I have faced a lot of her. I’ve won 80% of my hits. Last war pass I was 8/12 in one shots which is actually a little poor for me. Ironically I won 7/8 Alfrike hits. Lost 3 Ludwig tank hits so I need to think about that…I’ll work out a system for him though.

As I said in your other rant post you can either:

A - Get used to it
B - Ignore it

I think that you can learn to like Rush by looking at it as a puzzle. Alfrike fires on me often yet I still win them…it’s not the end if that happens but I have built teams to cope with it.

However you sound like you need to go option B. Opt out Rush wars and tournaments and you will have peace of mind.

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The mode is fine except for one hero. I don’t mind fighting Alfrike in this tournament except for when she hits all my heroes right off the hop which she did three times today and then there was no coming back from that. I alright against her when she would hit 3/5 but kind of sucks the fun out of the room when you start and see all those yellow tiles that you won’t be able to win regardless of how you play the boards.

So after finishing this weeks tournament, Ive given it more thought. I still enjoyed the challenge, but In all honesty, I am probably better eqquiped than many to be able to face the challenge.

I had to buy back in to hang on to top %1

My defense has been great with 26 wins and 4 loses.

There are different levels of difficulty and frustration

Level 1 - Alfrike Tank - I dont think Alfrike alone as tank is a huge issue at all. I face her all the time in rush wars as tank and see her no different than any other past poplar tank.

Level 2 - Alfrike + Mother North - Again, should not be a huge issue.

Level 3 - Alfrike + Mother North + Taunt Hero - Now it starts getting harder and the match is going to probably go to the defense if you cant match 6 tiles first. Mono is now Russian Roulette with only one empty chamber.

Level 4 - Alfrike + MN + Taunt + Mana Booster - If you cant cast a special first, you are not going to recover. These are the matches I lost and were usually MN - Ludwig -Alf - Xnolphod - Wild Card. If this group gets started, you are not going to win.

With all that said, I am forced to admit that Alfrike is still the key. While I am very hesitant to call for any nerfs, (especially one I have invested in 4 copies) she just does too much.

The best way I can think of fixing her is by reducing her to 3 targets and make them targetable. That may be too much of a hit, but one I could live with.

The only other options I can think of is to reduce the direct damage or health reduction or remove the mindless attack portion (which just adds to the injury).

While that wouldnt be the best for me, I think it would be best for the game as a whole. Happy players mean a better and longer-living game.


I don’t think it should be cancelled but maybe make it a little more interesting. Maybe in addition to element restrictions; they could implement restriction to a class of heroes as well from time to time. For example; no wizards, no wizards + no holy, no cleric + no paladin etc.

Vf wars should be in only colors without purple and green

I just finished current 5* (no holy) rush tournament with best position ever being still on top100. I guess that I was lucky with the boards that tiles didn’t cascade too far at the start. Overall the rush tournaments are quite stressful because of too long cascade possibilities at the start and if the enemy will resist mana debuff which lowers the winning probability. But heck, I won one raid even Alfrike did fire twice. But anyway, every move at the start is a nail-biter making armpits sweat.

Almost every my 5* rush raids goes on extra time with my play style and roster. Sometimes the extra time isn’t even enough but rarely. Luckily extra time has not been needed with 3* and 4* rush tournaments because they are much faster (or at least more rarely than on 5* tournaments).

But I vote for the existence of the rush tournaments because they have been my best possibility to rank on top 1%.

Just you wait… alfrike costume will fire 8 cubes.

Yeah so I’d rather have field aid back.

By the way, why there isn’t 2 wars with no rule? Why does it always have to be altered in any way (usually helping the defense most, let’s be frank), why not have two wars like raids? Would be the most fair and fun wars ever, next to minion ones.

Back to topic… vF is pure rng: my last war was perfect 6/6 highest point score too, defense didn’t fall to one shot as well.
Previous one? Lowest score I’ve had for a while with one 0 point attack, defense was crushed many times too.

Just my 2 cents.


Because with no war aid defense never wins, there’s no challenge. You’d see 9000 score on both sides at the top.

So your defense never loses? Must be nice

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Uh? I said the defense would always lose, not win…

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