*POLL* Very fast Wars and Tournaments - Should It Be Cancelled?

I commend you on your poll but you’re not the first nor the 10th person to raise this discussion.

In every other poll/thread the majority stated they are happy with vf wars and tournies.

Power to the people!

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VF is garbage, it reduces the usable hero pool to just two heroes: Alfrike, and MN. Everything else is irrelevant. Do you have those two heroes? Great. Enjoy your instant A defense. Now on offense, pray you get two matches before the other Alfrike fires. Wait, you don’t have Alfrike and MN? Sucks to be you, enjoy your top 50% result.

Just because 100 people respond to a poll (most of whom probably have these heroes) doesn’t mean that 1000000 people don’t despise this stupid format.

No hero (or two heroes) should be this dominant in a format. Unfortunately they never learn and ruined 3* VF tournaments as well with Treevil. You may as well rename this tournament format to the “Alfrike/MN tournament” and “Treevil tournament.”


Nope VF formats are the most fun to me.


Anyone else just opt out of all these RUSH wars and tourneys?. I have had my fill of them to be honest. We all know how frustrating it is and it’s predicated on luck more so than any other format. I wish they would get rid of it and come up with another form. Perhaps alter it. No revive. Limit special skills to 1 turn. Something to bring some juice back into it. At least for myself.


No, I love them and check before you post there’s like 3 new threads on this already today. Mods please merge these :slight_smile:


please use the search function :slight_smile:

at least 2 topics have been created today + several others which are about wars / War mode / etc…

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@Shunt, @MichlD90, more threads on the same subject mean more unrelated people are concerned with it. Many just come on the forum to vent, not everyone is in the mood to search for already existing threads. Let people post as they like, mods wil merge them into the larger ones, if they see fit. Or not…

Truth is, rush wars (no yellow especially) are hated by lots of players. On day one I got matched against 2x Alfrike + Ludwig, winged by M.North and Heimdal… that’s unfair in most rush formats, but in no holly it’s just obscene…


@Ian487 mods will merge for sure, but they are volunteer workers for us…
They are not paid by SG, so we should assist them and make their work easier…

no matter if someone wants to rant or not, he can do it on the correct thread as well :slight_smile:


Yes, you have a point, but you also should consider the fact that not everyone is a forum expert/regular acostumed to searching the right topic and as I said above, many came to vent, they deffinitelly won’t be looking for specific threads to do so :grin:


I voted NO for both, but you didn’t give me the choice I wanted for either: Don’t cancel them, tweak them. I proposed in another thread that rather than making every hero Very Fast in rush, upgrade their speed by two notches:
Very slow → Average
Slow → Fast


It allows me to use my slow heroes that normally don’t get much action. Yes, I like them, yes it can be rng dependent.


Since when is fairness part of games?

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I also miss Field Aid. It was annoying as heck but fun to strategize around. Just like V. Fast.


With field aid it really were about strategizing. Unlike on rush battles.

There it is about excessive RNG on the first few matches and only then, maybe, have a chance at strategizing.

This is just my opinion of course.


That would be tactics. Strategizing is pre-battle analysis and choosing the heroes and layout to minimize RNG and hopefully maximize chances to win (or maybe just minimize chances to lose). Tactics is moves and countermoves mid-battle.

Well, whatever “tactics” we could use on rush battles it’s useless if Alfrike and Mother North are still alive and kicking.

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Like fielding a team with counters/defenses against Alfrike in at least 3 different colors. Each color you bring increases your chances of getting that key match first. Whilst on the flip side the more counters you bring the less room you leave yourself to bring utility heroes to increase your survivability/firepower to finish off the defensive support heroes.

So far this tourney the “strategising” has worked pretty well for me with 4 wins against 5 Alfrike tanks


I really enjoy the VF events, as @Suicide_Bunny mentioned it encourages you to use heroes you’d normally skip. I totally understand the frustration if you don’t possess the right set of leveled heroes, but that only tells you to be mindful and plan who you’re leveling, there are so many 4* heroes which will be op at very fast speed! Stop complaining, find solutions :smiley:


NOTHING of Very Fast format needs to be cancelled… those who have an issue are welcome to avoid it & opt out for their well being !

One small tweak can be that very fast tournaments should have all colours available for play, which will provide some balance to deal with things !


Again seeing comments suggesting if you don’t like it then stop playing.
It doesn’t have to be that way, if you don’t like something then to ask for change is perfectly acceptable.
Some want to change the war rule for something different, some don’t.

I think instead of everyone being VF, they should just be increased in speed by +34% mana… then it’s all relative and more balanced.