*POLL* Very fast Wars and Tournaments - Should It Be Cancelled?

Hello everyone, it has been more than a year since very fast Wars and Tournaments appeared in the game. What is your opinion, should it be cancelled or not? Simple poll right here, for more thoughts scroll down.


    1. YES, VF war should be cancelled
    1. NO, VF war should remain as it is

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    1. YES, VF tournament should be cancelled
    1. NO, VF tournament should remain as it is

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Since I’ve been playing this game for quite a while, I’ve met many people who just hate these VF modes. Many of them quitted the game in rage, many of them opt out from very fast wars, many don’t join very fast tournaments. However I am very curious, if there are more people who love it than hate it. Please vote for one of the options. You can also share your opinion in the comments. Should it be cancelled? Should it remain? Or maybe reworked - how?

Please discuss :))

*Sorry everyone for editing the OP, I divided poll into War and Tournament specifically. Please vote again.


it’s good the way it is. and while we’re on the subject of unpopular opinions. Field-Aid was cool, too!


personally, I find it a nice change once in a while, so I can use some heroes I rarely do. I like winning of course, but even if I lose, it’s only a game - I mainly play to pass the time and have fun.


I still think the answer is to slow it down a little and make it a FAST war.


Personally, I often get frustrated during those as I feel they are too rng dependent. You face Alfrike on tank - you’re done if you don’t make two on color matches before she fires.


This format is what gives purpose to levelling slow and very slow heroes. Otherwise, they are long outshined by the very fast and fast. Else, many of them would be just gathering dust on the benches. So this adds some depth to the game and additional component to roster planning and building. And because of that, it shouldn’t be removed. If it was, it would be just same old Morel - Frigg raiding which I am personally tired of in my regular raids.

Changes they made to formations already killed some of that depth. We don’t need to limit it further. It’s heading to boredom.


Just use the right teams and play the boards right and the VF war is not as hard as it seems. I go 6/6 quite often in rush wars.


Let’s redo the poll after Alfrike & Mother North would be featured into the soul exchange.


I replied about VF wars being ok but not ok for Tournament where they remove a colour. And my post needs approval.
Not allowed to complain about rigging the game to increase chance of losing by removing a color in order to sell continues ?


Firstly, that doesn’t happen.

Secondly, did you use the word “ch eat” anywhere? For some reason that gets flagged and always requires moderator approval

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I would just like to say that my main raiding team these days includes Tree (VS), Franz (VS) and Luigi (S) along with typically 2 average heroes. Having said that I do typically use one mana booster, either Xnol or Grimble

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It’s fine.
Just bring Field Aid back as well so we have 6 war modes, and then it will come round slightly less often.


There’s a bit of a flaw in your poll.

That being you’ve lumped both War and Tournaments together into one poll.

For me, I would like rush wars cancelled but I do quite enjoy the rush tournaments…

So yeah. I can’t vote in your poll for the reason that neither option reflect my opinion.


Wars are fine. Tournaments with no yellows is just stupid.


*Edited for better decision making. :slight_smile:


I enjoy VF wars a lot. And ascending my heroes accordingly.
If VF wars are cancelled, I would feel that I was ascending my heroes for no reason.


I’m enjoy VF but that’s because I committed to it early and made the best I could of it. I’m a mono player by choice and just decided that if I can make teams that get 6 tiles and are all charged I’ll usually win. This continues to be the case and Whilst I clearly don’t win them all I don’t get annoyed by loses. Especially in Rush wars. A Goose Egg can appear on anyone in Rush wars so I just shrug and try again


I have to say, since I pulled Ludwig (and without even maxing him yet) and also having Xnolphod, this is very viable right there. Also Grimble if there are minions involved. I combo that with Alfrike and she fires like a machine gun almost every turn. If any enemy manages to not be spit on with a cube, all they can do is fire at Ludwig’s taunt who just shrug it off. Idea of adding Franz there is a neat one also and I’ll try it out when I have him max.

The whole team is superpassive with just superfast Alfrike throwing cubes like crazy and Grimble’s goat running around. Requires these 9 tiles for Xnolphod but when you find them it’s a mad circus.

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I commend you on your poll but you’re not the first nor the 10th person to raise this discussion.

In every other poll/thread the majority stated they are happy with vf wars and tournies.

Power to the people!

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VF is garbage, it reduces the usable hero pool to just two heroes: Alfrike, and MN. Everything else is irrelevant. Do you have those two heroes? Great. Enjoy your instant A defense. Now on offense, pray you get two matches before the other Alfrike fires. Wait, you don’t have Alfrike and MN? Sucks to be you, enjoy your top 50% result.

Just because 100 people respond to a poll (most of whom probably have these heroes) doesn’t mean that 1000000 people don’t despise this stupid format.

No hero (or two heroes) should be this dominant in a format. Unfortunately they never learn and ruined 3* VF tournaments as well with Treevil. You may as well rename this tournament format to the “Alfrike/MN tournament” and “Treevil tournament.”


Nope VF formats are the most fun to me.


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