[Poll] Tourney rarity rotation (5* to 1*)- Poll Closed. Thank you for voting!


[Poll] Tourney rarity rotation (5* to 1*)

  • More 5*

  • Same 5*

  • less 5*

  • no 5*

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  • More 4*

  • Same 4*

  • less 4*

  • no 4*

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  • More 3*

  • Same 3*

  • less 3*

  • no 3*

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  • More 2*

  • Same 2*

  • less 2*

  • no 2*

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  • More 1*

  • Same 1*

  • less 1*

  • no 1*

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1* hit and hope
2* buff att and/or def
3* waste emblems
4* max talent tour
5* whale feast


5* heroes

I agree.

5* heroes have titans
5* heroes have Alliance war
5* heroes have raiding
5* heroes have Legendary Challenge events rewards
5* heroes have Seasonal events
5* heroes Hard difficultly Season 2

Give 3* / 4* heroes something to do.

Flat rotation

I would prefer a fixed, even ratio, rotation.

5*, 4*, 3*, 2*, 1*, repeat.


I dislike 1* tournaments, but it’s not a big deal. It’s currently 1 per cycle. 5* are used for everything if you have them, so fewer there is good IMO.

I think the 2* (and to an extent the 3*) are where it gives the best chance for average/new players. One of the people in my alliance finished in the top 1% last 2* tourney. Made me eat my words on having a +20 2* healer that I’d laughed about the week before!

Of course, eventually the whales will level up a cadre of 2* and 3* heroes if it’s a set rotation.

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I agree that the 3* and 4* heroes should be given something to do - otherwise what’s the point in keeping them around at all?

2* and 1* tournaments are just dumb, though, and make you waste valuable spots in your hero roster (or cost you to expand it - which essentially makes it another cash grab).


Leave out the 1* and I’d be quite happy with it. Not that I particularly like 2* tourneys but once in a month would be okay so that beginners have an opportunity to compete with everyone. 1* heroes simply have too little variation in special skills to be fun.

Although I’d prefer to just have more 3* tournaments instead of 1* and 2*.


I think it 1* and 2* shouldn’t be there in the first place. The game is clearly divided between 3*, 4*, and 5* categories and it is noticed in the challenge events.

1* and 2* to go by temporarily till you get full 3* team (which is easily achievable from tc 12 if you didn’t get lucky with daily and silver tokens)

It would ba a 10 slot waste to have maxed 2* and 1* solely for tournaments. Plus, if it was to be added permanently, it is really fast and easy for older players to prepare and max a 1*/2* team. And the competition level will be as high.


So, what?! We don’t let our children play with the food, but it’s ok if we do?! Cause that’s what 1 and 2* tourneys are… food fights…

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For me 4* tourneys just seem like the best all around. You get a good balance of interesting hero options and accessibility to many players.

1*-2* is just poo flinging.

3* tourneys are ok, but ultimately there’s a lack of strategic heroes (even though recent additions and costumes have improved that). It always feels like sniper-on-sniper violence where whoever gets more mana wins, hardly anyone can stand more than a few hits.

5* bloody battle and buff booster are ok, but tough on thinner rosters, especially when color restricted.

5* rush attack is just ridiculous. Teams with heroes like Alberich and Kunchen are practically unbeatable if you don’t have a deep 5* team.

4* is best in all formats because there is so much variety on most rosters for experience players, even if F2P.


I’m so glad to see that the majority want more 3* tournaments :heart:

I agree completely, I like my 3* tournaments the most myself, and I think the 4* tournaments are a lot more fun too – thankfully though we get a more steady amount of 4* ones.

Just more 3* ones plz and thanks


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But I have never been so angry with SGG as the revelation that 2* tourneys are 2x every 3 years.

That insults the people who pay gems to keep 2*+7 heroes and annoys people who skip 2* tourneys.

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Congrats on your 5* hero roster and 4* troops.

Personally I am leveling multiple Gormek because I have nothing better to level in red.

Do not even get me started on my troop situation.

Merciless RNG is merciless.


I get it RnG sucks

But i still believe there is a better way to give “less fortunate”(idk what else to use, hopefully it’s not offensive, if it is well just another day at the office i guess) a way to compete with one with another for 1% loot without imposing 1/2* tourneys that punish more people than they help


I agree.

But if SGG is going to stick with 1*, or 2* tourneys, 3x every 2 years is looking a lot like greed or hypocrisy.

People make mistakes.

I am okay with SGG removing them.

I am okay with increasing the frequency.

But the hints they are dropping are leading further from “we want to do this” and closer to “we wanted to do this and another department shut us down”. l

Usually I try to avoid conspiracy theories, but SGG is making it so hard to defend them these days.


The 1 per 32 weeks is that for all 1 & 2* toruneys or per 1*/2* tourney + same restriction?

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One each every 32 weeks


Hey @Gryphonknight and @Rigs

Do you really think 2* tournaments punish players ?

At worst you keep the 2* heros you started with and level up some more until you have 2 maxed 2* heros of every color.

If I look at the resources needed to do that, they are negligible and the 200 gems the extra roster space costs you isnt the world either.

Because I have started early I had only a maxed Laly left when the first 2* tourney hit, if you start today that should not happen. :smile:

I have to agree that 1* tournaments would be very boring.

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That’s not the same cost for every player


Looks like we both got screwed gryph

You only get 3 tourneys you wanted
I still get the 3 i dont want

Dam that does suck


Tons of room for 3*/4* to shine in challenge events