Poll time! What is/are your personal skill gap(s)?

  • Fat fingers (no, I said swipe left, not right, LEFT!!! No, your other left!)
  • Visual (lost my reading glasses, what the heck does that say?)
  • Speed (titan timer not long enough! I iz stressed! Can’t find match!)
  • Tile strategy (uhhh should I match these three or those three? Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a match-3 gamer!)
  • Maths (game says that this buff increases my attacks by 33%… but what does that even mean???)
  • Hero knowledge (opponent has a bunch of weird looking heroes. I have no idea what any of them do. Oh well! YOLO!)
  • Completely clueless (I just downloaded this yesterday. I thought it was a variation of Candy Crush.)
  • I have no skill gaps. I am perfectus bellator.
  • Other (explain)

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I am not so proud as to pretend that I am great at this game. While I can blame many of my shortfalls on lacking a strong roster and just plain old bad RNG, I’ll admit, I have lost battles that I probably could have won. Mostly because of my knowledge gap.

Silly me, I see a team in my watchtower… I see, “oh, red tank? Easy! I go in with blue team! Tank dead!”

20 turns later…



My skill gap is… self control. If I pick a revenge that I think I should be able to win, and the board doesn’t go my way and I suffer a humiliating loss… I FLY OFF THE HANDLE, and immediate re-revenge and then make poor choices as I’m just MAD at that point. :wink:

And if I try to re-revenge and the person has COME BACK ONLINE!??!? Oh, just FURY, absolute FURY!! How dare they come online and not even give me the chance to beat them??

Good gaming!


Hah! Yep, been there. Though I don’t get as mad as I used to. When I first started playing this game… ugh. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that my phone can apparently take a beating and keep on ticking.

Still does annoy me when they come online after my first failed revenge attempt. It’s like “what, are you just sitting there watching your phone and waiting for someone to raid you? Get a life!!!:laughing:

Of course I say that ironically. As I will also sit there for another hour waiting for them to log off so that I can go in again. :crazy_face:


Just leave wolverine alone until you kill everyone else. He is harmless…


Yeah, hence my problem. I don’t know who is harmless and who is dangerous. Sometimes I overestimate one hero and underestimate another. Knowledge gap.

I used to just judge a team by their tank. I’ve learned that is a big mistake. The tank might be a harmless kitty cat, while there is a lion hiding in the wings.

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I play on a laptop, no touchscreen, i get frustrated trying to hit titans quickly, which sometimes leads to brainfreeze on next tile match lol


One of my votes was visual. Its a pretty specific scenario though - when I forget to put on my glasses during early morning ablutions, and then I struggle to read the alliance chat. Probably doesn’t end up affecting my game performance much, unless the chat is telling me to change tanks for war…


I know a couple of my members struggle with the speed thing on titans. It doesn’t affect me much personally, but I totally get it… you have a time constraint, it puts you under pressure, people tend to make more mistakes when under pressure. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s normal human nature.


I still get surprised by the second part of JF’s special, the defense inversal. Especially when I am using Lady Loki and I flip back JF’s special followed by a defense down special which the non-flipped back portion of JF’s special ends up flipping inside out and boosting everyone instead


I have no glaring flaws.
Only endearing quirks.


Ohhh yeah, that flipping the defense down to defense up. That one has thrown me off a couple of times.

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You may be getting the words “flaw” and “quirk” reversed. Also, “glaring” and “endearing”


Had it right on the first go.

How endearingly quaint of you…

I have no problem with admitting to skill gaps, because by admitting that I am not as good as I could be, I am also saying that I can and hope to do better.

If you don’t have any room for improvement, you are already as good as you are ever going to be.

I’m just horsing around.
I saw Homaclese here and couldn’t stop myself from poking the bear.

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I wholeheartedly agree. I actually really enjoy losing a match where I can clearly point to a decision making element that let to that defeat, because I know I can incorporate that piece of knowledge to better my gameplay next time.

Oh I think you forgot one category of voting -

“RNG (SG has hand-picked all of my boards to be rigged, enemy charges 3 times before I charge mine once)”


I took your comments as being tongue in cheek. :slightly_smiling_face:
Was more of a general statement about why I made this post. The only way to improve my own gameplay is to first recognize areas where I need improvement. There are some categories I have very little control over (how many awesome heroes I’m able to pull, and whether or not I can get the AMs to finish them)… but the other things that I can control… I believe I could be a better player if I had a more thorough understanding of hero synergies.

EDIT: RNG is a separate matter not related to skill.

Realistically speaking, I move too fast. I’ve found if I can take my time for raids or war I tend to do much better.
I’ve literally moved tiles in a rush and as they’re flying towards the enemy I see a better move I could’ve made. When I’m rushing I tend to focus on certain parts of the defense to attack. sometimes it benefits me and it works out, other times it’s that hyper focus that leads to tunnel vision and I end up losing bc I wasnt paying attention to one thing or another.
If I can take my time, I’ve fought back from some bad boards with some ok tile regen. If I’ve smoked it helps alot. I can focus in a relaxed manner. so before war I tend to “prepare” accordingly.


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