[POLL] the thing that annoy you the most when raiding

Just wanted to make a poll to see whats everyone poison. Raids, war and tornament

  • Bad starting board in general
  • Overused tanks (Guin, Gm… )
  • I stack 3 red against a green tank and there is almost no red tiles
  • Only one match possible
  • Losing to a weaker def team
  • Unwanted combos that charge enemies mana because this could ruin the strategy
  • Enemy IA always targetting multiple time the same hero. Or/and the weakest or/and the one with charged mana or/and the key hero for your strat
  • The blind effect thats almost always works on you but not on the enemy
  • How can this hero can oneshot my healer ?
  • No tiles troughout the whole fight
  • I want to do a diamond then a combo kills it. Or, it does an unwanted match.
  • Enemy with full mana bar with less than 10 hp left
  • Other (precise in comment)

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Other because I didn’t see an “all of the above” option. :grin:

I would also add “one of the enemy heroes keeps reviving every single time I kill it”.


I didn’t put all of the above because everybody will select it x)
and because this poll is serious.

I forgot about the fighter skill… Well it kinda counts for the 1 hp full mana

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Well even though I was kinda joking, most of these things do seriously annoy me. I guess the ones that annoy me most are bad boards causing me to lose to lower level defense teams, or having my heroes getting one-shotted (especially right after they’ve charged up their special).

I chose other for when the app decides to crash or restart in the middle of a raid/tournament match or I have to go do some real life stuff for a few minutes, and when I return, the time’s almost up or already is. This is especially annoying if I was doing well up to that point.

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I voted only 1 match possible, but I’d like to expand on that. For me the most annoying thing (raiding, monster battles, titans) is when there is only 1 match at a time. IE NO COMBOS. I can stack a color and not see that color and feel fine firing Combo 13’s of the colors I didn’t bring, because at least the board is DOING SOMETHING. but when I match 3 or 4 and the new tiles come up and don’t chain reaction, that’s when I get annoyed.

My other is Alberich and Mother North

Particularly if they resurrect a charged Guin/Kunch/Viv and others


Interesting topic. I sometimes wish there was a “do-over” option so I could try a different team or see how my team would do with a different board selection… not necessarily for a counted win… but just for learning purposes. (If that makes any sense)


Unwanted combos has killed many raids and war attacks for me x_x

Bad starting boards annoy me less tbh.

  1. Bad starting board in general
  2. Only one match possible
  3. Unwanted combos that charge enemies mana because this could ruin the strategy

In that order of appearance = me and the boys ready to lose an attack.

There is a do-over option. Just go in again. You can attack the same team up to 3 times in a row, if you want, and if you’re not too embarrassed by the prospect of possibly losing 3 times to the same team.

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Too much changes the second time (or the third time lol) … was is my choice in heroes or just a better board?

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LOL yeah that’s like me with my titan hits. New titan, okay, set up my team. Go in, mediocre board. Low score. Huh. Did I bring the wrong heroes or was it just a bad board? Change the team setup, try again, another mediocre board, another low score. Results inconclusive.


Fighters reviving multiple times. And reviving with full Mana charged and killing your best hero.

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Sometimes you just get RNGed. We were killing a twelve star titan, and it was blue. I went on a titan killing hot streak, including a personal best 94k hit. I was at 140k or 150k after 3 flags. Felt like a badass.

Fast forward eight hours. Same team. SAME TITAN. 8k hit as the titan methodically one shotted each of my heroes. I think I only ended up at about 160k after 6 flags or so.

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Bad boards and nearly all teams at upper levels of diamond tier being the same heroes.

Ohh yes, had that happen many times before (not on 12* titans, my wee little baby alliance can’t handle those). My first 3 hits on the titan, BAM, big scores. I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Later on, go in for the second round, thinking, “oh man, this titan is almost dead, I’m gonna solo kill it”. Pew pew pew. Titan: “ooh, that tickled.” What the… what happened??? :astonished:

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I had a bold tusk come back 5x in a row yesterday. smh. I would love to know if any of my heroes have ever pulled that kind of miracle off.


I had the same thing happen to me. I think it was a Boldtusk also. 5 times in a row! Ridiculous. But it happens.

That the whole thing is a predetermined slot machine

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