POLL: Soul Exchange #2 - Who did you take?

Kunchen is great. I had him for years. Can’t go wrong with a cleanser. Defense down is a bonus.


Your analysis is spot on. But as for Sif, I don’t really use her for her reposts/reflects but her mana buffs. She’s usually sitted between Heimdal and Alfrike. At that point, I honestly don’t need any other hero in the line up. Others are just bonus. I’d often get costume sonya and Hansel to clean up the mess that Alfrike left.

In future polls I think it’d be more interesting for the “None” choice to be two different ones:

  • None - Could have exchanged, but didn’t like options
  • None - Not enough 5*'s to trade

I picked him and was so happy :slight_smile:

I love my Grimble… But i really love my win rate with him.

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