POLL: Soul Exchange #2 - Who did you take?

Interesting but expected results :slight_smile: I know for a fact a couple of people picked Perseus, guess they just didn’t vote in the poll. I also feel like Devana and Grimble had such a low % because they are newer HOTMs and likely many people already have them. Anyway thanks for voting all!


In hindsight, I should have just passed. I don’t think I’ll max Norns, I’m not into events.

I forget to post this in about 2-3 days ago :sweat_smile:. When I am about to post, there is a the power outage for 2 hours. And after that I am very busy and forget to post this :sweat_smile:.

After I think again and again and again … … … and again. I decide to choose Lord Loki.

Here is why (for me)

Lord Loki vs Alfrike

Advantage of Alfrike

  • She is tougher.
  • She doesn’t need another Alfrike.
  • She is purple not blue. (I have Milena, Mr. Pengi and 3 Master Lepus costume who need to be leveled :joy:. Moreover, I have 32 unused Tabard :sweat_smile:)

Advantage of Lord Loki

  • He is faster. I can make him charge in 9 tile. (I literally don’t have anything to make Alfrike charge in 9 tile.)
  • He is useful almost everywhere. (Alfrike will be better only in Rush Attack for me.)
  • He never get obsolete.
  • He can be use to copy another skill beside Alfrike’s skill when I need.
  • It is fun to use him :sweat_smile:

Overall, as I have only few great heroes, Lord Loki will improve my overall offensive ability more than Alfrike. And he also never get obsolete.

Lord Loki vs Guardian Gazelle/Miki

They can’t be compare directly like Alfrike but can compare how they improve my roster in each place.

Grade Meaning
+++ Very good, I get huge benefit from that hero in that situation.
++ Good, I get good amount of benefit from that hero in that situation.
+ Ok, I get some benefit from that hero in that situation.
0 Bad, I do not get any benefit from that hero in that situation.
Place(Event) Lord Loki Guardian Gazelle Miki Note
1. Raid Tournament
- Bloody Battle ++ ++ 0 Miki is too slow.
- Buff Booster ++ ++ 0 Miki is too slow to use him even he give a buff.
- Rush Attack +++ +++ +++ All are among the best heroes in Rush Attack.
2. War
- Arrow Barrage ++ ++ 0
- Equalizer ++ + 0 Guardian Gazelle doesn’t go well in Equalizer war.
- Attack Booster ++ ++ 0
- Undead Horde ++ ++ 0
- Rush Attack +++ +++ +++ All are among the best heroes in Rush Attack.
3. Mystic Titans
- Red + + +++ Lord Loki skill is worst against titan as he will debuff the tile. However, he has good base attack. So, just don’t use his skill.
- Green 0 + ++ Guardian Gazelle isn’t much better than Wu Kong since I can’t use Titan Banner (+50%Atk) and my Musashi (+15%Atk) with Guardian Gazelle’s buff.
- Blue + + ++ Miki will improve my green team. Guardian Gazelle doesn’t work well with my Gregorian.
- Yellow + + + As I say before, Guardian Gazelle isn’t much better than Wu Kong. And against yellow titan, Wu Kong might be at bit better since Guardian Gazelle doesn’t buff herself.
- Purple + + + I don’t need Miki since I have Sergei :slightly_smiling_face:.
4. Challenge Event
- Reflect Red ++ ++ ++ As F2P, my event team is strictly red or blue. My blue team isn’t great (only Throne without costume as main damage dealer), so any of them will improve my blue team greatly.
- Reflect Green 0 ++ +
- Reflect Blue 0 ++ 0 Miki will not work well will in Reflect Blue event.
- Reflect Yellow 0 + + Guardian Gazelle will not work very well will in Reflect Yellow event.
- Reflect Purple 0 ++ +

Overall, Guardian Gazelle is probably the best hero for me. Lord Loki is second best. However, we don’t know when will Guardian Gazelle come. So, I decide to exchange for Lord Loki :slightly_smiling_face:


This time around sadly I don’t have enough dupes. Five months of variously 1 - 2 - 3 TC20 (mostly two) has netted me three dupes. I actually got four but needed one for HA10. I would have jumped at getting MN.


I’m in the same boat! I tossed in a C. Quintus 4,80 +0 to get Loki without sacrificing my 3.70 recently attained (HA10) Clarissa, who I’m not even sure will get mats. Congrats on facing the sunk cost fallacy and making a bold choice!

For me, my Quintus was a waste of tabards to start; I was backed into a corner with nothing to feed (F2P) and went for it. He’d never get emblems though, and is pretty useless without, so now he’s ultimately serving a higher purpose, as 1/20th of a Loki pull :slight_smile: I’m going to remind myself of this cautionary tale every time I use fancy ascension mats though!

RIP to your Liannas, they’re going to be so much more fun now.


I have Loki at 3.5 now… Mulling over how much am i willing to spend in ham to level costume yunan, aouda, and loki all at the same time… So far… I’ve controlled my impulses… So far.

I didn’t choose any hero this time for many reasons.

I only had 13 5* heroes to give to SE and none in the 10’s range caught my eye, I just pulled LoLo from a single pull and got MN Christmas of 2020.

Figure it’ll be wise to see if I get 7 more feeders between now and next time in case one that costs 15 or 20 might be worth more/better for my roster.


I took Loki, because he’s the only one that I didn’t have(multiples) of that I thought was really useful and I absolutely needed the roster space on top of it.

My only kinda “problem” is that I have an absolute logjam of great 5 star blue heroes to max out still that now includes him. That’s really not an issue per se, but he probably won’t be maxed for a while.

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Did none of the second tier heroes entice you? There were Legendary Hero Tokens for those like you who may have been just shy of the next tier.

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Not really. Three only heroes I’m really wishing i had, at the moment, is Bobo and Pengi and Alf. If i had those 3, I’d be extremely content.

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Soul exchange arrival… Grimble is ready for bashing up minions….:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Famous last words :laughing:

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I still want Miki and Gazelle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

20 Miki characters

I think I’m going to wait for Miki or Gazelle

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I feel like I chose anzogh as well. He was like ‘you aren’t going to forget about me.’ and he chased me all the way to the solstice portal

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Lol just being honest… for the time being

My 20 tier list is much smaller today because lotl bk and mother north aren’t likely to show for a WHILE… So elizabeth and prof lidenbrock top the list… And more… But i don’t recall who they are… Probably alfrike.

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I thought about getting Costume Khagan, but that Kunchen was calling me. I definitely needed a purple healer.

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Ive had kunchen maxed for a while got him as my first non s1 hero from HA 10, first lbd purple for me has been awesome and was a steal at 10 souls.


Kunchen is great. I had him for years. Can’t go wrong with a cleanser. Defense down is a bonus.


Your analysis is spot on. But as for Sif, I don’t really use her for her reposts/reflects but her mana buffs. She’s usually sitted between Heimdal and Alfrike. At that point, I honestly don’t need any other hero in the line up. Others are just bonus. I’d often get costume sonya and Hansel to clean up the mess that Alfrike left.