Poll: Seasonal raid tourney fun

As the anniversary of arguably the most controversial decision that SG has made not relating to Telly or Zeline panties approaches, how would you all feel about a throwback raid tourney in remembrance?

I propose a one-time-only festive raid tournament for the anniversary of Turdsgiving. A 1* all colors allowed bloody battle, one-and-done. What say you all?

Should SG hold a 1-time 1* raid tournament?
  • Yes! This actually sounds like a really fun tournament type that I wish they would work into the rotation.
  • Yes! If only for the amusement of the inevitable fallout.
  • No! It was a horrible idea the first time around when it was rightfully discarded like the trash it was.
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For those of you who voted “No!” Did you also feel the same of the 2* tourneys?

For those who voted “Yes!” for the sake of watching the fallout, do you think that the screeching would reach levels sufficient to be heard through the computer screen merely by logging into the forum?

For those who voted “Yes! This actually seems fun” and that you would like to see this type added into the rotation, are you aware that if you accidentally click the wrong option you can revote to correct your misclick by clicking the “show vote” icon under the poll?


Don’t play with your food.


For the sake of one time I don’t see it being worth while. For me personally mainly due to roster space as 5 spaces will be gone then I’m going to want colour stack so more spaces I’ll lose for that week. Plus I’d rather level hero’s I’m going to use more often in the long run m

As if roster space is not an issue back then, even now and in the foreseeable future. Imagine the time, effort and food wasted. This is a very very very bad idea. I vote NO and hope this scheme and idea is put to bed already.

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I don’t disagree that it’s a stupid waste of space, but at the time the argument was “you can just buy more roster space, it isn’t that expensive”. To play devil’s advocate, why not just add roster space so that the few that actually want the tournament can play what they want?

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As a one-time tournament I wouldn’t bother participating. I don’t have the roster space and as a non-paying player that is no longer that cheap.

Plus, there is very little variety in 1*/2* heroes so IMHO would be pretty boring really.


Playing devil’s advocate is tough for something so clearly wrong, but let me give it a go. Do we have to cater to the majority of the playerbase with every tournament? If there are some players who love the idea, why can’t the rest of the playerbase suffer just one bad tournament per year?


You have to convince the devs that the majority doesn’t matter :rofl:

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it can be marketed as a nice break for the rest of the player base. “Tired of thinking of a new defense every week? Feel like you’re playing TOO MANY raids? Opt out during the next 2* tourney!”


Ooh! Ooh! I haz idea to make this viable and profitable!

The 2* Tourney Starter Pack!


Best topic in a long time… Homer got my vote!

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This poll was a lot closer that’s I thought it would be

I would really like to see them if only for 1 tournament at least :grin:

To all the people who are against it. How about 1 tourney and you don’t have to spend your emblems on Layla, just play with what you got and give some of the really low level players a chance at it lol

How about just 1 tournament a year for 1* and 2* only :grin::+1:

Hoping that deal is available again soon

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