Poll: Push 2nd 3* Team or Start on 4*?

So I’m just about to get TC13 which means I can finally actually train 3* heroes! This just so happens to hit at precisely the time in which I am on my final push for my first 3* Rainbow Team to max. They’re doin’ good work for me… but I’ve also gotten some lucky pulls that have given me some worthwhile 4* heroes, too. Those 4* heroes are good enough that I’ve worked one of them into my regular lineup and he’s helped me push even further through the map (Boldtusk).

So, here’s the deal: Once I finish leveling my 3* Rainbow Team, I should have a plethora of other 3* heroes to pick from for my B-Squad. That said, I am now in proud ownership of a 1/1 Caedmon, Boldtusk, and Kashhrek. Each of these 4* heroes are worth maxing out. They’re good. So whatcha think, do I go all in with Boldtusk and a green 4, or step back and push up a second team of 3’s?

Poll: What would you level next?

  • Include 4*
  • Only 3*

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Poll: Which Nature hero would you prioritize for 4* when the time comes?

  • Caedmon
  • Kashhrek

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4* at 3^60 are more expensive than 3* at 3^50 but they are better(IMHO). Ascending 4* is investement in future. Btw Boldtusk and Caedmon was awesome heroes :slight_smile:

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