[POLL] Opinion on Next blue to ascend, next blue to limitbreak limit break

I have 8 scopes ready to up the next blue

have the following hero maxed
Costume Krampus + LB
Snow White + LB

Current Mono offense:
Costume Krampus+LB, Isarnia, Glenda, Magni, Alexandrine

Costume Krampus+LB is in my defense team.

next blue available, not maxed yet
2nd Costume Krampus
Costume Thorn

Reasoning Level up:
Alasie over 2nd Costume Krampus, because more fire power is always needed. 2nd Costume Krampus would be next. Costume Thorn/Richard are not good enough comparably.

Reasoning Limit break:
Break Alasie before Isarnia, Magni, Alexandrine, Glenda
Faster speed, strong sniper,
2nd Krampus wouldn’t need LB to function decently, Alasie is a better choice then Magni.

Mono Option 1:
Costume Krampus+LB, Alasie+LB, Glenda, Magni, Alexandrine

Mono Option2:
Costume Krampus+LB, Alasie, Isarnia, Magni, Alexandrine

Leaning on Option 1 because overall faster, and better defense stats, benefit of +40% Special Damage on Alasie and Magni.


  • Alasie
  • 2nd Costume Krampus
  • Costume Thorn
  • Richard

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Limit Break

  • Alasie
  • 2nd Costume Krampus
  • Costume Thorn
  • Richard
  • Glenda
  • Magni
  • Isarnia

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