POLL: Make Very Fast(RUSH) Wars/Tournaments into AVERAGE Speed

I have posted this elsewhere but lets look at the pros and cons of the current Very Fast(Rush) format.

  • Pro: Makes slower heroes like Average, Slow, and Very Slow much more viable if not outright dangerous.

  • Con: The first few boards are critical to success, so much so that if you can’t charge in 2 turns the battle is almost always lost because the defenders will most likely be charged.

I generally like Very Fast(Rush) because it does add a lot of value to slower characters, but like everyone else I suffer from bad boards half the time which are truly deadly in Rush format. Rush adds more importance to RNG when most of us would agree, we want less RNG and more tactical play.

A middle ground solution to this problem would be to change the format to all heroes having Average mana speed. This would still place more importance on the slower heroes, but would cut down greatly on dependency of the first few boards. In such a setup if you had no tiles to start with, the enemy Alfrike wouldn’t immediately be murdering you and defiling your corpses, you would actually have a chance to make things right.

What do you think fellow players?

  • Yes, change the mana speed to AVERAGE
  • No, I like the Very Fast mana speed
  • Other (leave suggestions below)

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I’d say fast because average is unfair for those who have multiple mana troops at lvl 23.

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i think all speed from heroes should be speeder for one up
avarage to fast
slow to average and etc.


I don’t think fast would be a solution… Alfrike would charge little but slower but you would have to find 3 matches instead of just two. And that’s a big difference.

Quoting this post because this seems to be a hot topic today


There’s one flaw to this idea.

And generally in the game design.

Defenses rely on specials skill the most, physical attacks are secondary.

Offenses rely on tiles/physical damage the most, special skills are secondary (speaking of monos of course)

This tournament that you propose here would only cause that everyone taking mono offense would have great advantage over defense. Would be difficult for defenses to charge to become dangerous, meanwhile offense mono would be in trouble only in case of a terrible board - because for average heroes we’re talking about 6 turns without making an oncolor match.

Yes, you would be less frustrated about failed attacks. But would be almost certain that all your defenses would fail as well. Who wins/loses would be down to who gets more borderline terrible board loses. So basically RNG as well, just moved elsewhere.

FAST wars/weeklies, on the other hand, could be neat to try out as a compromise.


Fair points, I hadn’t thought of mono becoming dominant under an Average setup, but it would.


I am glad this problem exists :smiley:
It would be very boring if every war or tourney would be the same, so I am happy there are differences and if some work better than other so be it. I am sure personal preferences over which ones suck will differ widely too.
I really disliked the very fast war because I did badly and our team lost, but I am loving the very fast tourney, because I keep killing full 5 star teams with 3 star treevil lol, which other environment could I do that in?

but maybe more to the point: If the difference between the tile damage and auto-attacks is the problem that could be easily fixed by giving auto-attacks an attack multiplier based on environment speed (or of course a tile damage decrease, whatever way works better). 1 on very fast, 1.5 on fast, 2 on average, 3 on slow… numbers are just an example, someone with more insight can come up with more realistic ones…


Alfrike and MN should be average speed. The rest can stay as they are now.

You’re missing the point of VF wars. Speeds are NOT going to change. This is SG’s way of including more Slow and VSlow heroes to be active in the game. Otherwise, what’s the point of leveling Slow and VSlow heroes except for maybe 2 or 3 of them?

Sounds boring.

But then again, so is the current version where all defenses are the same and my attack squad never changes.

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