[Poll] Is Sir Lancelot worth to level and limit break for top 5000 epic-challenge event player?

Even his stat is pretty low when compare to most 4*, I still see many top 100 player use him in challenge event. Many Sir Lancelot also get limit break. So, I assume that he is really useful in challenge event but I don’t know how to use him.

I get 2 Sir Lancelot from HA8 for about months ago. They are at 1/1. I am not sure if I should level them or not. My goal is top 5000 for epic not top 100. So, I am not sure if he will be really useful to me or not. He might be useful for only one who want to reach top 100.

My red team in epic is “Boldtusk , Wilbur , Guardian Falcon , Scarlett , Cillian”. Sir Lancelot will replace Scarlett position since Scarlett is there just for boost tile damage. The problem my Scarlett is limit break. Sir Lancelot will need limit break to match Scarlett’s atk. As F2P, I am not sure if he worth for limit break or not.

Another problem is that I bring Boldtusk. I see many most top 100 players don’t use Boldtusk. I know it is because they don’t need heal. They need extremely good board and the chest. As they finish in only few turn, their heroes don’t get hit much. They is why they don’t need heal. However, there is a drawback that they miss +%Atk from Boldtusk. And that is time for Sir Lancelot’s job. He give +%Atk and also do damage. His direct damage is not much but still use full when you have 1 monster left and run out of bomb attack :sweat_smile:

I bring Boldtusk because he heal and give +%Atk. I don’t have to replay every stage and don’t need every extremely good board for each stage. I take longer time and get more hit, so heal is good for increase remain hp score. With +%Atk Boldtusk, +%Atk from Sir Lancelot isn’t useful at all.

So this come to his last effect, +24% mana regen. I still don’t know how it can be very useful at all. Since there is no mana troop, it will make fast charge 7 tile, average charge 8 tile and slayer charge in 9 tile. That seem to be ok but the problem is you have to charge him in order to get that +24% mana regen which will make this not very useful much. Nowadays, my red team charge only 1-2 times at most in good board. And then I just throw mana potion to Cillian to finish the stage :sweat_smile: I still don’t how +24% mana regen can be useful at all.

Beside the challenge event, he seem not to be useful at all in anywhere else. There are many heroes who is much better than him in those place.

That is all my thought about Sir Lancelot. I am not sure if I miss something or not. Feel free to give comment :slightly_smiling_face:

Is Sir Lancelot worth to level for top 5000 epic-challenge event player ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Is Sir Lancelot worth to limit break for top 5000 epic-challenge event player ?
  • Yes
  • No

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The mana regen of Sir Lancelot is actually the most important aspect as it lets you fire your “smashy” element for a total cost of 1 mana pot and 1 mini mana. This is singularly the most important part of event running…maximum specials.

The pic below is the team I’ve used this time and essentially you want to be able to fire C.Colen (or Cillian if you have him) as many times as you can at the boss stage.

Sir Lancelot has the super added bonus of adding +48% to your attack as well. You could use the Flamingo from the Festival Event in this roll as well for a 2% extra to said attack but I like the added tile power of Sir Lancelot for the early tile phase.

Limit breaking Sir L is not required imho.


98 out of the top 100 are doing this by the way. Just look at the teams and you see them all eerily similar to mine…

After that it’s just knowing the method and you’ll get inside Top 5K easily each and every time


@Ched Thank you very much.

Oh, how do I miss that. I think about him like 10+ times and never think about that :sweat_smile:. Thank you very much to point that out.

I wish I have Franz but I am happy with my Cillian. He is my only slayer. :slightly_smiling_face:


Franz is a very nice to have but I usually just run double C.Colen either side of Lance and that gets me Top 500. Franz is just especially useful in this event due to the damage reduction they have.

But for any of the other events I tend to just stick mono red and blast through that way.

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It’s not hard to get to top 5k with Boldtusk instead, top 500 I’ve only done a couple times, had to use Lancelot to do it, I use same team as Chefs, except I use a copy of Cilian instead of a second C Colen when not using Franz

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I voted no and see I’m a loner right now. The reason I voted no is because I use the same exact team as you do and get top 5k each event.

So my question is more if you need him? We both agree his value elsewhere is not much.

If the question was about pushing for top 500 I’d vote yes.

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How many mana potions and battle items are you willing to spend? As mentioned, Lancelot’s mana boost reduces the potions needed to charge your main damage dealer.

I’m using BT (Lancelot still being leveled) and usually have no issues finishing top 5k in Epic with full use of minor mana, mana, axes, and bombs

Edit : Current Event team. Just LBed Cillian. Forgot I had the Aethers to do it :sweat_smile:


Yes, that is also another reason too.

My phone is pretty old and pretty slow. My maximum speed is about half of @JekylandHyde speed in this video :sweat_smile:

If I try faster than that, after using about 5 item, the game will freeze for about 2 second and will be slower by overall. So, my top 5000 will be harder than most people. Anyway, I am ok with that :slightly_smiling_face:

It isn’t very hard but not very easy for me. Let say it is average :sweat_smile:

The problem isn’t that I don’t have enough them. I have 1000+ of both minor and mana potion in my backpack :sweat_smile:. The problem is that sometimes I can’t kill the boss of the last stage with full use of minor mana, mana, axes, and bombs. The problem happen in this gargoyle event, the challenge festival, League of Villains (It seem to have higher hp/def boss than any new 10 stage event.) and old 15 stage challenge event. It make be that I use too many bomb and axe on 1st and 2nd wave too (usually use all bomb to kill wave 2nd :sweat_smile:).

However, if it make my use less item, it will be ok. It will save some food :sweat_smile:. Normally, it take about 40-70 more world energy for me on replay after finish all stage to get in top 5000 depend on the board and the chest :sweat_smile:

About this event, it seem to have much lower top 5000 cut off than any other event. Despite it is harder to complete, it seem to be easier to get in top 5000. No sure why. Here is mine

Normally, the cut off is about 650k but this times 617k seem to be enough.

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It’s definitely harder to brute force the bosses in this event, and probably impossible for Epic 10 unless you are lucky enough to get a diamond and lots of red tiles in the final wave

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I prefer 3* Phoenicus over Sir Lancelot as she effects everyone and is a bit more of an attack boost.


What do you choose with Sir Lancelot - mana or crit at lvl 19? I still can’t decide :smiley:
It will only be used in monthly tournaments to fight for positions 500-5000.

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I don’t know I am leveling him. He is only a at 1/26 :sweat_smile: (food problem :sweat_smile:).

@Cheds What should be choose for Sir Lancelot at node 19, mana or crit ?

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Crit. Mana is pointless for what you do with Lance

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You don’t need to emblem or limit break him for tournament use to get the high scores. His main function is to boost mana and attack for Cillian (reducing mana usage). Franz is other key hero to quickly kill the boss wave. This will require more items (WE refills).

For top5000 BT already gives attack boost and healing and mana boost is not a game changer if not using mana pots for boss wave. If you don’t do that Scarlet might be better option than Lance?

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I just begun working on my Limitbroken Sir Lancelot, so I sure hope he is worth it - I have no Fire Heroes to level so had to LB someone and went with him. But I suspect you do not really need it, as it´s all about the mana regeneration. It´s nice that he can survive a bit though :fire:

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I was just talking about getting high event scores using the Lance + Cillian setup. For that purpose it isn’t required to have him LB and emblemed.

He is still a solid hero and with emblems and LB even better. If he fits your roster it’s always worth it!