Poll For Best 3 ⭐ Heroes By Colour

Oh, you know, Arman isn’t bad. But there are better yellow heroes than him.

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C’mon people…admit it…costumed Dawa is pretty good. Bjorn gets the #1 spot for purple (with 74%), but costumed Dawa - who is basically a yellow Bjorn now - is third from the bottom.

Bjorn’s second hit is significantly better. And I like poppy over dawa. Dark doesn’t have the same competition.

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I agree that Poppy is better. Bjorn’s second strike does do significantly more damage, but costumed Dawa’s attack is significantly better than Bjorn’s

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Fwiw I realized I didn’t say that I agree. costume dawa is decent. But I don’t disagree with where she ranks.

Totally agree, and also just finished max’ing my third Maeve. The 20% bonus for each one in the Slayers Event is also pretty sweet.

No Bertulf for Yellow? Also missing Kornel for Red

Thanks for the info. Poll has been updated.

Be prepared to add treevil for dark when challenge festival arrives. He is going to dominate

saving my aethers for that one…

I had a hard time voting for yellow because I love Poppy, Bertulf, Pixie, and Kvasir. For purple, if you had costumes in there, Oberon is my go to. I love the fact that his poison is uncleansable.

Hi all, have updated the poll. Please help to vote. Let me know if there are any errors too. Thanks.

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Thanks fir the suggestion. Added it in to latest update! Do help to vote thanks!

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