[POLL] Fix Chochin? (Stop the internal antisynergy)

Him having antisynergy with his own grid, I mean how he overwrites one of his effects with the other is, not something I’m a fan of. It’s actually what keeps me from putting emblems on him.
Just let his two Mana down effects stack exactly the way Bleed stacks.

No because would be “too OP”? Maybe this wouldn’t be a bad argument in the past, but today who gives a heck if good ole Chochin gets abit formidable when literally 3*s like Grevle and Bjorn exist.

I don’t think there is a good reason not to buff him the way described at this point.

  • Do it.
  • Don’t do it.

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Wow! Just wow! I do see your point though haha

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Can we find a “middle”???

Like, maybe not like everything stacks stacks stacks.
But maybe like, if Delay hits after his laser beams, then, it will be similar to “Bleed Stack”?

Obviously Delay don’t stack with Delay like Bleed does. Chochin or whoever.

What I’m tryna say is, i believe it’s not impossible to find a feasible way… It might not be done exactly the way I described but I would be more than happy to trigger the correct thing too

Another one(just thinking out loud and firing off ideas at this point): If Delay hits while the laser beams is still “3 turns remaining”, the Delay will inherit the duration and last for 3 turns instead of 2 turns only in this case. Everything else stays the same. No Bleed-stack or otherwise stack either.

His special hits 3…delays 3 targets.

On offence his ability transfers to tiles.

On defence his ability transfers to slash attacks.

So it is possible that he delays 5 targets with skill + talent…yes I know hitting the same target overwrites it.

I say “no fix”.

@Abel How would you solve your proposed “stack” ?

It would work like this: Let’s say that an enemy has -%24 Mana regeneration on them with 1 turn left because of the laser beams. If Delay hits this enemy, it will be, instead of %50+%50, %50+(24 * 1 / 2) + %50+(24 * 1 / 2).

I mean the remaining Mana slowdown would be alotted to the “new” turns.

If it hit while 3 turns left, would be: %50+(24 * 3 / 2) + %50+(24 * 3 / 2).

You mean they would overlap? If not…I did not get it…could be handy solution…think you would need to cap it at some value.

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The link I shared on the original post named “the way Bleed stack” explains it better lol

Thanks for commenting

Or just don’t waste emblems on him. Also an option.

Lol. Why can’t we also demand for dodging also to stack, or all burns, poisons, water damages and other DoTs, or all HoTs, or blind? Should we including stacking the debuff on regular and elemental defense against the enemy until they offer no more defense due to the stack? Why not remove the cap of these when being stacked? We should be seeing 5000 DoT per turn, 1,000% blind chance, 5,000 healing per turn on HoT, etc.

But my point is “antisynergy with his own Talent Grid”. I can’t name any hero other than Chochin that has antisynergy with their own grid.

I know it’s more common to not emblem your 3s but I emblem them, not going further than +7.
For 4
and 5*, I go further.

Such as it may be, his class isn’t going to change, so putting emblems on him is counter productive.

And I can assure you the class won’t change, because what happens to existing ones that have emblems? Do they change to the new class? Do they get automatically stripped? Do they just disappear?

All of that requires programming and testing, which costs money, which they are simply not going to do for a 3* hero. Nor are they going to make it stack somehow for the same reason.

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