Poll: EnP Summons Odds Calculations Tutorial

Poll question: What kind of EnP Summons Odds Calculations Tutorial would you like to see? Only your clicks can fix my lazy!

  • Math is hard for me. Just tell me exactly what to do, please?
  • I’m a nerd so… I’d prefer a tutorial with some probability theory and formulas please!
  • I’m not interested in a tutorial about EnP Summons Odds Calculations.

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Please consider that this forum does not support LaTeX before you vote nerd. That is all.


So far there’s a sample of n=26 voters and 3 are not interested in a tutorial. Seems I will be writing a nerdy tutorial for 14 ppl to enjoy, for this gimme some days, a week, maybe longer as I should review the material to avoid doing bad mathematics and I will need time to convert my equations to pix. I have a draft of the “math is hard” tutorial for the 9 ppl who want it made already but I need to adjust the numbers and SS’s bc of the “visual bug that caused a 0.1% rounding of Atlantis Summon chances” thread I saw the other day, I will edit this and link the thread later if I get around to it.

And @Math4lyfe would you be willing to give them a once over after I post them? I trust your stats :muscle: , you teach it. Peer review is a good thing :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

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