Poll about the new balance update

I just wanted to make a poll what people think about the new balance update.

Sorry for the new thread for this, but a poll in the middle of an already existing thread doesn’t really work.

Just so that everybody knows what they are voting for.

What do you think about the announced balance update?
  • Yes the buffs were needed and those were the best candidates available. I’m happy with it.
  • No the buffs are completely wrong, there are other options they should have buffed instead. I hate it.
  • Some heroes deserved a buff, some doesn’t. I’m undecided if I like it.
  • I don’t care anymore. The game is dead for me.

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If you think that some of the heroes on the list deserve a buff, which would it be?
  • Crystalis
  • Dark Lord
  • Faline
  • Director Zuri

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I voted for I don’t care anymore. :rofl:


Controversy alert!

Other than faline I think these buffs are good.

There should be an option in the poll which is “I am happy with the buffs overall but would have preferred a few different options”

Clearly I think most people would rather see older heroes get buffs, especially the ones people have asked for for ages however assuming this just isn’t happening, of all the new heroes - these aren’t a terrible choice.

Dark Lord and Crystallis definitely needed a buff IMO. Asterius too but he didn’t get one

Zuri is debatable as she was already good but as an event hero is now very desirable and is a great healer. She was already very good but now is top tier healer.

Faline didn’t need the buff but I suspect this is to bring her in line with some new heroes coming… Ie the green one from beta…


For that was the " some heroes deserved a buff some doesn’t" answer.
I could have split that one in 2 or even 3 pieces with “not all deserved a buff but some” and overall happy, overall unhappy and overall undecided.

But than the thing gets a little bit out of hand with too many options. And we still have a thread below were someone can explain his vote in more detail.

Tried to remove the “I’m undecided” part, to make it more neutral, but it seems I can’t change it anymore. So we have to live with that…

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Ya no me importa porque hacen lo que quieren

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Zuri’s buff is actually fine. Heck they can even buff her recovery to 100% I really don’t care. Because as long as you have the right debuffs and such, no amount of healing matters in the long run. The only sinful one is faline who really didn’t need a buff

Me too :laughing:

I don’t have any of these heroes. And there have been so many new heroes in the past few months I had to look most of them up to remember who they are. I haven’t summoned a hero I was excited about since last Halloween. I’m done caring :woman_shrugging:


Dark Lord was going to simply sit @ 3/70 & with the buff, I will give him tabs after 3 heroes in waitlist as he has his use… since my troops are still coming up & there is fight for that one L23, which isn’t needed by a fast DL… !

Crystalis is a cousin of Vela & hence was sitting at 01/01 untouched. I will start taking her slowly to 3/70 & once the long ICE waitlist clears up, she will be given scopes !

Faline is already powerful, with her -44% mana & will take the increase since I have her
Since, I am not into micro-math based - I wanna Grab every decimal advantage type of play… honestly feel there was no need…

Director Zuri was already powerful & both healincreases make her OP. Don’t have her
now she has my attention… which was blocked by amazing PLs !

I have the Dark Lord from the list so can only comment on him.

Truthfully he’s currently “meh”. Sartana is better than him so something should change. I don’t want him to be better than Sartana. Just the same is fine. This now lands him in that spot and I’ll consider actually using him now.

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Do they realize boss wolf i still in the game. They could probably make some money buffing him. I feel he’s the most neglected hero in the game…

How can he not be better then sartana? He’s dark lord. He’s the ultimate boss in S1. He should be a force to reckon with. His stats should be higher then regular heros.


I mean if we are going to do this…what about Salmon Loki? Someone had to say it.



I understand the logic behind, and people really do want more powerful heros every day… I just figured I was running that race for too long… Just remember all new heros this year - new season, new events… I just can’t run anymore, sorry. #nospend and until it’s fun. :joy:


I don’t want to sound like “I have this rare dude, make him OP”

I just want him to be usable. And this makes him usable so job done


I had chased season 4 heroes. Chased slayers heroes. Got some good ones. Began chasing Magic heroes…then got hit by the wtf are you doing moment. I saw the next crop of heroes for the alliance quest summons. comedy. Making people use gems to finish a tower. The writing was on the wall this has become nothing but a high octane milking operation. Buffing strong, two month old, heroes is definite confirmation. They aren’t looking for balance or improving the game for the majority of people. Its to milk whales for every dime they are willing to give. Im more than c2p, but no whale. No more milking me…Thanks though. Some people need to breathe. Enjoy the nice things they have gotten. An endless quest for more more more doesnt have a happy ending.


I’m not saying make him OP, but he’s got to be one of those villains you hate to go against. I dread C kadilen and that’s how lord should be. Not OP, but a pain in the azz to go against.

I agree about the dark lord, i had him maxed with +20 emblems but stripped him but emblems on Cobalt and used Clarissa instead for more poison. But at 480 and 4 turns he is a lot better and worthy of being the Dark Lord.

Hey guys, does anyone even remeber GTV combo? maybe they should be buffed back? Meh… they will not even last 5 minutes in current meta XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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After reading that dark lord will get an almost 100% damage boost on his special I didn’t even read the others. One thing is 100%: game is dead.

I also won’t even comment about this because lmaooooooooo nobody asked or said these heroes are weak. Director Zuri?? Like really? :laughing:

In the last Q&A they said they barely play the game and now it’s clear they really don’t.

More than 10 heroes are being mentioned as too weak everyday and they just ignore and honestly this is NOT a balance update this is just a gift for pay to win players.

They don’t have any sense or shame but oh, the courage. That you got, Zynga.


Agree with this 100%. There just making heros desirable so they can make money of them its got nothing to do with balance.

Really am struggling to enjoy this game it just one bad thing after another with SG and I ask my self is it time to cut me loses and find something new.


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