Poisoned luck or how to beat the odds for "worst luckiest" pulls :D

You are so lucky. I did roughly ~140 EHT pulls on those two last event (Season of Love and Lunar New Year) and did get 0 event 5* heroes. I did get one Quintus. And it took ~200 pulls to get March hotm. This game just spreads more unhappiness than joy.

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I’m so happy that someone has found me :sob::tired_face:

I have the best luck of anyone here. I keep getting the lowest odds pulls. I haven’t got a featured hero in months, but I keep pulling the low odds season1 legendaries and the crappiest event legendaries that are only a 0.9% odds of getting them.


Similar for me for the Covenant portal :smiley:

Overjoyed :sob: Annoying or extreme luck probably with one so with the other… :rofl:

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I really don’t know xD


I have yet to pull a costumed event hero or newer event hero from the challenge event festival but I managed to get four old non-featured non-costumed event heroes from it.

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Wow @Kikica ! This is one of the worst cases of poisoned luck I have seen :frowning:
I get you @ffphier Happened to me a few Challenge Festivals ago, when BK was featured. I got Sargasso, Boss Wolf and someone else I don’t remember

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I had enough for two more summons and on the second pull it was Justice again. Never had this happened to me for the 3 years that I play and it’s 4 season one heroes xD

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Rant post.

Pulled my 3rd copy of this squid ffs.
Rings as consolation prize :frowning:

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If it makes you feel any better, I have her limit broken. Still hope for a buff

I would take her…

Funny how I just saw poor hawthorn being lambasted for the big nerf. Reminds me of my own cursed hawthorn. He loses me a majority of war matches and would always be in the only losing war team at times.
Now the portal has to grace me with another one

Thanks SG…for reminding me about hawthorn. Anything new, even a salmon Loki would brighten my day.

Also, fourth suzuna. Thanks again SG

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That’s crazy lucky. I mean …IN A ROW???

Love child of tarlak and karnov?

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I think this belongs here lol

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