Poisoned luck or how to beat the odds for "worst luckiest" pulls :D

Sometimes, Lady Luck is knocking at my door. She doesn’t come by very often.

But when she is there, I feel very thankful!
Thank you Lady Luck! Stay as much as you you want :slight_smile:

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Worst luckiest pulls …

Way back when I was a noob player I used a single EHT and got the HOTM. Two months later I did the same thing. That got me Aeron and Gregorion (and as I recall a couple 3*).

Then I checked the two HOTM available in the months between those two …


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@3piphany Not sure what was the aim your post. I never said and I don’t think anyone here said that “you can beat the odds”.

It’s just a thread to show that (some more often, some less) even when theoretically “you get lucky” and pull a 5*, that particular 5* might be far from the one that you desire and sometimes even useless (except from being food for SE).

It’s a thread for myself and others to vent a bit about these pulls that were theoretically lucky, but practically useless

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All good, I’ll avoid this “poisoned” thread :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

To compensate for getting Xenda from only a 5-pull last Underwild, a few dozens pulls in the Musketeer Portal got me many Villiers, Balurs, Vivica and Obakan :slight_smile:

Bought the offer today and I finally got a 5* Museketeer - D’Artagnan. Who will have to stay in line for maxing after Xenda and Tetisheri.

So a new round over here :slight_smile: Managed to get 6 5* from around 50-60 Covenant Pulls. Too bad they were:

  • Toxicandra - a 2nd copy and I badly need strong Nature hitters, as I have 4 5* healers for Nature
  • Azlar - I have one, will never ascend him
  • Guardian Chameleon - 2nd copy, got the first from SE and still haven’t maxed him
  • Otis - I have Tetisheri, Xenda, D’Artagnan, Sekhmet… He will not see any Rings soon
  • 2 Balur

It’s funny how of the 6 featured heroes I got the exact two I did not want, as the rest would have gotten maxed right away… And of course, no Brogart either

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Usually when I pull HotM I will get only 1 copy of it. I did got 2 Balbars and 2 Moraxes but this was in months when I have spend money and did much more pulls than usual.

But for some reason I have 4 Balurs, I have solid blues so none of them will be maxed.

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Wäre ja froh über Frieda oder egal welchen 5 * .Doch leider Wohne ich in Belgien und werde nun seit einem halben Jahr ausgeschlossen vom Spiel. Lösung vom Suport, das Land verlassen. Was ein Witz.

Im starting this Game in the End of November 2022.
Im very lucky of my Heroes in this short Time.
In this 8 Weeks im making 480 Pulls and the Result ist 28x 5* .
I dont know If ist good or Bad, but the Rate are more than 1% Chance at me

I Hope all Players have the same luck all the Time.

My last go at the Dunes portal consisted of 16 pulls on collected coins, sometime in September or October. I pulled 3 5*. Isarnia, Elena and Obakan. I was speechless.

Now I am just collecting, and collecting, and collecting. I am shuddering at the thought of pulling.


Worst luck?

Balur and two Orlas for me (one from CF2, another from Green CoE)

Which is “pretty good” for worst luck

Why would you FS Elena this early?

I got 2 5* from 6 pulls in Atlantis portal, back to back. As you can already predict, it was Thorne and Kadilen.

I also got 5* Ninja in 20 pulls. It was Onyx. The only 5* Ninja I already had. Thankfully the next day in another 20 pulls I got Cobalt so Onyx had a drinking (and dodging and reflecting) buddy.

And finally. I managed to land 5* even hero in Alliance Quest II. Since this is a thread it is, you can already guess it was Porthos.

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Two 5* in 12 pulls in the Covenant.

I would have been happy with any of the 6 featured heroes from the Covenant.

And instead… Captain Kestrel and Alice… Two years ago I would have been over the moon to get Alice, but now…

Eww kestrel :face_vomiting: alice is just about aged as well

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Hah! I got Joon! Yea…fun stuff

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Bought today’s Valentines offer. Got a 3rd Baldur (no costume) and another Elena (no costume, I have it anyway)…

I did about 60 pulls in the Dunes portal since Thursday (offers + season hard coins).

I was aiming for any of the three featured heroes as they would have been a very good addition to my roster.

Instead I got:

  • Quintus
  • Gilligan
  • Isarnia
  • Leonidas
  • Gilligan
  • Justice

I also had a good pull to get the famous Khufu, but since I have pulled so many great Fire heroes (as well as Ice), I doubt I will be maxing him soon.

Summary: pulling for the featured heroes, got none, but got many with with lower chances to pull :slight_smile:

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Seeker is serving a Pot Luck as his house that’s for the soul exchange cookout with that batch of heroes.