Poisoned luck or how to beat the odds for "worst luckiest" pulls :D

Yay, he will be seeing Charon in the SE

Just got a new “worst luckiest”!

Just now I pulled Costume Poseidon from HA10 retrain!!! I had previously chased him when I was spending money, and now I got him for free!

… in my Beta profile :rofl::cry:

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Guess who I got?


Nothing! I lose :tired_face:

I pulled for Styx troops - 2 10-pulls + 35 tokens.

I had already a lot of nature mana + magic + crit troops. Then I had a lot of Holy troops. I needed dark mana or Styx troops and a Fire Styx troop.

End result: 3 Mana Nature + 3 Styx Nature + 3 Crit Holy troops.

HOWEVER I also got a Styx Ice Troop that I will max and most importantly both a mana and a Styx Dark troop, which I am going to level. So good pulls in the end, but after pulling in the beginning three 4* Nature troops I did not need, I was laughing a bit hysterically :smiley:


I did 8 pulls first covenant and out of all heroes, I get Lady Loki. That was a real disappointment

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