Poison damage from minions and hero ...question

Does the poison damage from Kvasir’s minions add with oberon’s special? Does 2 Kvasir minions add?

In short is there a place where these mechanics have already been explained?

General rule of thumb is that like ailments/DoTs/buffs overwrite if they have the same icon.

If Gormek attacks 3 enemies and defense is down is applied to them then Grimm attacks same three enemies defense isn’t further reduced by overwritten to apply the effects of Grimm’s special skill.
However if Grimm attacks 3 enemies and Nordri attacks same 3 enemies then you will see the elemental defense debuff as well as the standard defense debuff

@DaveCozy keeps a list of buffs and ailments in the thread below:

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I just tried this and the bee minion effect overwrites other poison damage


Yeah no poison or fire stack :woman_shrugging:
Except S3 with the rocks.

Thank you all for the answers and the link…

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