Pois1's Retreat (game screenshots and various interesting stuff)

One of the first people to get the scary mask:

Who did you give your emblems to?

Hi everyone!

From time to time I will post some pictures here which I find interesting, I have quite a collection of historic screenshots and nowhere to put it, this is going to be the place:

Compete set of new Heroes released on 23.10.2017:
I got Domitia on that very day :slight_smile:

Everyone has to start somewhere:

This is the oldest screenshot I found (23.9.2017)

Old days in 7DH:


My favourite Raid screenshot - Mariamné:
Mariamné Raid 280719
@Mariamne - look at your defense team!

Interesting loot:

Dark and Yellow in Season III:

The day I started tracking Alex:


Something from my archives:

I have no Tarlak or Miki, so unfortunately no 200,000 hits for me yet…

Ameonna experimentation:

Best ever titan loot (not mine):

Top Atlantis Coin run during Atlantis Rises:

Luckiest guy ever (not me):


Interesting. The Alliance Member List doesn’t have the Player Level number in the lower right corner of each member avatar like it does now. I guess tracking opponents’ levels must not have always been a thing.



It’s a collector :cookie:


Maybe they could make that level number light up when we’re online, lol.

Great images @Pois1

I see your at level 82, the wiki info only shows it goes to 80 by memory, does this mean the W.E flags go higher also?
What is the Max level then?

I doubt we will see a full set of Atlantis Dragons like that too often though, lol.

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Alex Forquet is at 107, WE does go up every like two levels.

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