Pois1's 5* Hero Stats Overview, HotM focus etc

Last update: 23.4.2020 (Alfrike)




MINDSET: (offense - defense)


Element Mana Speed/Class table:



Thanks @Pois1, for sharing this! :smiley:


Another great addition for my alliance notes. Thanks once again @Pois1

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Does SG hate Monks, Sorcerers and Fighters?
Why do we have only 5 of those (14%) when these classes make up for 30% of the class pool?

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could you explain mindset a little more? great work- thanks

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Mindset shows if the hero is offensive minded or defensive minded. It is simply attack-defense. Positive numbers show offense, negative show defense. The higher the number is the the more specific is the purpose of the hero.
For example: Elena is all about attack and is of no use in defense at all. On the other hand the most defensive heroes make the best tanks.

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so what about hp?

and how do we weigh balanced vs mind-set oriented? Drake, for example, is extremely balanced.

Balanced heroes are more versatile and can be used anywhere.
I am thinking about preparing a table which will show “tankiness” stats - how the heroes perform when used as a tank, but it is quite complicated, not sure what I want to do with Special Skills and their mana speed. But I am working on it.
As many other holy heroes do, Drake can blind opponents which is always usefull for a tank even if his stats not clearly show that he is tanky, he can be used with great success on tank position.

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yes a lot of the intended tanks in the game (by design of the hero) are actually not very good tanks in action!

I think you would need to quantify the value of each special skill and the value of it (quantify a score for blindness and then the value of 30% vs 35%). You would also need to quantify the mana speed. it would be super tedious and even then youd get a lot of subjective back and forth :thinking:

if somehow it were quantified with similar assumptions to my experience with the game, we would discover heroes like Richard (no costume) and Justice are actually really weak tanks.

one thing your analysis highlights for me is that some of these season 1 heroes are still tops for tile damage on titans. Red and Blue stand out especially.

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I agree with you on subjectivity. Like, i don’t agree with you on justice and richard :slight_smile:

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that’s exactly right @Ebonest , after reading enough posts on this forum, it is pretty clear to me that there is a lot more subjective analysis than objective fact here. my experiences with richard and justice are such that they’re both very underwhelming but your experience could be the exact opposite. this would lead to us having subjectively different opinions.

A lot of this could be described to the relatively low usage either of these heroes have on defense teams and the ability for me to be getting primarily good boards against these heroes. But I also think that they’re both slow mana sponges that don’t do much other than die after a few tiles… :thinking:

They need emblems to tank before everything. But when they are emblemed, they are sub par to only the best of the best tanks.

Richie is more versatile than just being a tank but justice is only good at defense and tourneys

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