Pois1 - 2 years in the game

Today it is 2 years since I first played Empires and Puzzles and I have never missed a day since.

I want to thank Small Giant for this wonderful game.
I want to thank all my previous alliances I have played for:

  1. Sangre Espanola
  2. Iron Brotherhood
  3. Veritas
  4. Seven Days Hunting
  5. Misfit Toys
    and all various Czech alliances as Czech Gods, Czech Republic, Lucky Gems or CZ SK TOP Parta where I am now.

My special thanks goes to @Xero786 who gave me motivation in the early days, @ScndStar and @Rilf for the leadership, @Rook for everything (especially the singing) and @Mariamne and @_John_Doe whose work I appreciate very much.

I also want to thank all of you who helped me gather data during creation of the Titan Rosters and All Updated Hero Rosters.

My special thanks goes to @Uclapack who is sharing data with every new level-up.

Those last two years have been great and hopefully there are more years to come.
Keep hitting the titans and posting on the forum, I am watching you.

Almost forgot to put the owl in here (please make it come back!)


Congrats on the anniversary, and thanks for your many, many contributions to the Forum and community!


Glad you enjoyed 7DH :wink:


Congratulations @Pois1!! We are certainly glad to have you here. You are another in a long list of players that has helped me and many others enjoy this game more. So Thank You

See you next year for your Diamond Anniversary where SG showers you in free gems!!!

****disclaimer, the previous statement may be extremely false and have no bearing on SG giving anything away for free.


Ditto most of what @PapaHeavy said. I have no knowledge of free gems :thinking:

I really appreciate your hard work in the E&P community - I’ve learned heaps from you. Thank you, thank you! Hope I’m still playing after one year, let alone two.


Congratulations on your E&P anniversary @Pois1 - thank you so much for all your contributions! :raised_hands: :cake:


Grats Pois1! Misfit Toys misses you! Glad you are out there making mayhem and creating awesome content! “May it ever be…” :+1::grin:


Congrats on your anniversary @Pois1 :clinking_glasses::tada:


Does the owl in Viv’s costume for beta count as coming back?

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Congratulations on 2 years Pois1 and thanks for all you’ve done for the game!

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I give you mega magic cookies :cookie:

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