Points in AW

Hey. I thought points in AW were based on team power but if that is true what about the numbers n the pictures? What else is weight in there?


It also depends on the whole composition if the team, e.g. the type and position of the heroes. A 3* as tank gives less than a 4*, because the team can be killed more easily. The same goes for two two heroes of the same colour next to each other, which can both be killed quite easily, too.

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Thank you.


Actually it does not look at team power (nor composition). It should be based on team HP :slight_smile:


It is based on HP, that’s it.


Thanks one more time :slight_smile:

We thought that the number of healers made a difference… will check on the next war to see if it is just HP.

I can tell you immediately healers have no effect on the points…

My defense team power 3484
Rigard hp 1224
Li xiu hp 1174
Richard hp 1006
Natalya hp 1264
Lianna hp 1101
Total hp 5769… Point value 50+50

My alliance member team power 3730
Elkanen hp 1065
Sartana hp 1231
Perseus hp 1328
Marjana hp 1208
Justice hp 1198
Total hp 6030… Point value 52+52

Other alliance member team power 3445
Little John hp 988
Grim hp 1132
Hu Tao hp 1253
Tiburtus hp 1097
Colen hp 1094
Total hp 5564… Point value 48+48

If either team power or healer count affected the score it would definitely not be nearly the exact same gap between my alliance mates and myself for such an exact similar margin difference in hp value.

Edit - besides… If you are ranked within your alliance based on how much damage you deal to a titan, why would points be awarded for anything but how much damage you deal in the wars? There are no cups or ranking system - so there’s no reason to go with any other metric for score gain.

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Each alliance is worth 2000 total points. Those points are spread across however many defense teams you have and the points are divided up based on the total hitpoints of each team.


Thanks for the analysis! We had a strong correlation on our team with healers and score. We were too lazy to do the work you did. Ultimately it really doesn’t matter, we set the defensive teams based on what we think will stand up against the enemy the best and let the points work themselves out, after all the team is always worth 2,000.

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