Points for defeating enemy teams in AW

We are currently in an alliance war. One of our players got 198 points for defeating a team with a 3594 power. The other team got 233 points defeating one our teams whose team power was 3193. How does that work? What’s going on? It seems pretty skewed to me.

Along those same lines, my alliance is currently in a war where over HALF of the other team have put in unleveled 1* heroes, with unleveled 1* troops. We know the players are all over 3500+ because we can look up their team members and see their teams! How is that a fair war when we can only get 30 points for taking out these unleveled teams, while they are hitting our REAL teams, most of which are over 80 points?!?!

Each alliance is worth the same amount of points and is divided between the teams. I also believe it is divided based on total life of the team and not power. The team in your alliance is bigger compared to the rest of your alliance than the other team is in their alliance so it is worth more.


@ffphier is correct - the points gained for killing a team is based on the hp of the team. While the tp of a team generally correlates to the kill points, having a team heavy with healers (for example) will raise the kill points higher than other teams of the same tp.

Each field of players is worth 1500 points regardless of the heroes, teams or troops fielded. Them lowering the value of 1/2 their teams only raised the value of their larger teams.

Take the gift they gave you… use tiny teams to kill their teams of 1* heroes and use your bigger teams on their bigger teams. You should be able to flip their field several times. Since each flip is worth about 1500 points you should rack up some points.


Thank you for that info! I told our team and we are knocking them out of the ballpark! We’ve respawned their team three times and even our lower-team-power members are able to use their unleveled heroes to do some real damage! It’s giving those team members a real boost to see their scores so high!


The calculation is approximately like this:

Current available points = (current base health/maximum alliance health) × 1000

Bonus points = (maximum base health/maximum alliance health) × 500

If bonus points < 10 then bonus points = 10

Base points = current available points + bonus points

All calculation is rounded up.

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@GlockTori so glad you came here and got the help you needed! It can be so discouraging when things like this happen. Sounds like you were pointed in the right direction and your alliance ran with it! :partying_face:


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