Points for being disconnected in wars

In almost every war we have,I have a few people complaining about getting no points after being disconnected.i always thought they were lying because they had a 0score, until it happened me today.
I couldn’t really care less about raids,but I think being disconnected or battery dying in wars should be treated the same as if you just leave the game manually(which I do if alberich or a healer is about to bring every [one] back to full power.
Could this be implemented?its not a huge issue but it would be nice to have.

Explain what you mean please?

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Hi mate,
Ok,so right now if we get disconnected or lose power (phone dies)during a battle(wars)we get zero points even if we have totally killed their teams.
Would it be possible to award points based on damage done at the last point of connection,rather than just a zero score.
Maybe that’s not at all possible to do ,but if it is,it would make being disconnected a lot more bearable.

i’m not sure but i will ask. i believe the answer is no, alas.

@Rook I had a similar issue. I understand my battery dying is MY issue and not the game however, I attacked an opponent during war (just to fire my last flag as we obviously were going to win and did win) and I killed three of his heroes before my phone died. I ended up with a zero and all of his heroes were still alive. Maybe that is just the way it is but, it just kind of doesn’t seem right. We won so it really didn’t matter and I will be more careful moving forward (I play a whole lot). Shouldn’t the damage count in the same way a flee would still count?


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