Points for alliance must be earned from wars too!

Wining a war against another alliance this means that we should gain points for our general alliance score , am i correct ? I dont understand why no gained points after a war ? And the other alliance should loose points too …this looks fair enough to me …we love wars and we want to be rewarded as much as possible from em.ALLIANCE SCORE : Trophy Score , Titan Score , WarsS Score , the last one is missing :stuck_out_tongue:

How many points shouid it be worth? 1/3 of the total score?

I agree it would be fun to get an AW leaderboard, but it needs some thinking.

Also, I’ll sit here and eat popcorn if they introduce this. As you get half the alliances winning and the other half losing, the leaderboard will be messed up for a while until it evens out. And I bet SOMEone will whine about “muh unfair” :wink:

Im not sure about how much point we should be rewarded but think that the point reward system must be based on the points that the oponnent alliance have , so let say a maximum of 5k points for the perfect match when two alliances with exactly same points r fighting …than the other things belongs to the devs , but messed or not messed WARS should bring points for the Total Score of the Alliance .

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