Points Division

I wonder how the point split works for each player in the alliance war.For in my covenant
An ally with power of 3590 your score and equal to 98 for our opponents.And a 3944 opponent on completion adds 90 points to our alliance.For an alliance this is a kind of absurd difference

Because it becomes easier to add in weaker opponent
I see how my alliance is being damaged in the form of scoring.Because it comes hard, to defeat an opponent of 3944 and to add less

Of which defeats a 3590 and add points.I wanted to ask please be fair
It’s hard to keep an organized alliance
And what the system has been harming me and my alliance is not normal

We lost 5 wars in a row.Due to ridiculous board, and much stronger team opponent than ours.
I don’t want to express myself badly

But my alliance can’t be compared to the strongest alliance incentive horse We fight toe-to-toe with our opponents, but it’s hard to defeat when you get an allied average of 3,500 against an average of 3900.

It’s obvious that we will use more staff,Now we see that we are harmed the way we only look at the point difference
I already knew I had this point difference
But if you look closely it is absurd the difference

I apologize for the mistakes but it is the fault of the translator who always changes the words of the original text

The points are based on heroes HP, not on the team power. So simple…

Each alliance has 1500 points distributed among the teams. Your ally has 98 points and others less, because has heroes with great HP. And probably that 3590 team is one of your best.

You also cannot compare your ally and the opposing ally as far as points being distributed.

Each alliance has its own set of total points which are then divided through the members in war. I believe it is based on Defense Team Power on distribution.

Nope. Based on HP, like I said above :slightly_smiling_face:

And I stand by what I said that it is Defense TP which if you look at the distribution makes sense.

Galera até aí eu sei

Mas como uma diferença tão grande de pontos em duas equipes com poder muito diferente

E muito

Não tem como concorda com isso desculpa
Guys so far I know

But how big a difference of points in two teams with very different power

Is very

There is no way you agree with that sorry
You finish an easy 3590 and get 98 points

Already one of 3944 often gets heroes already goes up to two attack to finish and add up
90 points
I see how assault this

I’d like to see some proof because no matter how you look at it this doesn’t make sense.

Lol, it seems you didn’t understand me. The team power has no relevance in points distribution. Only the HP. A team twice strong as 5 Lianna worth much less points than a team of 5 Cyprian.

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\I would very much disagree with this statement.

A team of 5* will have a high HP and/or TP than a team of 5 4*.

Indeed. That’s why doesn’t matter what power has a defense. Could be very weak defenses with more points than a very strong team. This is what OP didn’t understand and I explained him.

or you could always use google and it will tell you it is based on Defence TP


They tell you right there.

Lol, you still don’t get it… Look at the HP of Cyprian and look at the HP of Lianna. Not always a 5* team will worth more than a 4* team.

@zephyr1 @DaveCozy please come and explain him, perhaps I cannot make myself clear enough :smile:

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look at the link I just posted. It is plain as day.

I think you may need the explanation buddy.

Kkkkk, I know how it works, because before building this alliance, I was in a more balanced power between allies and allies. . Now the power difference between alliance members is very large. I just found the point difference for team power an exaggeration, I I see this as favoring my opponent

Everything I’ve ever read on the forums regarding points in wars says it’s based on health.

@King_Nothing I agree your link says ‘defense team power’. But… if you look at 2 teams of the same team power but 1 team is all healers while the other all snipers, the all-healer team should be worth more kill points.

Perhaps ‘defense team power’ was the easiest way to describe it instead of going into the details…

the points are spread out with each player, if it’s one person they have 1500 if it’s 10 it’s spread out between the group higher the team the more points.

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It isn’t my link. It is SG’s link…

Direct to their support page.

I don’t know why this is even being refuted.

In general, yes. But the kill point difference really shows when you have 2 teams of roughly equal TP but on has heroes with higher HP. That team will be worth more.

If you have an alliance with a wide spread of TPs on the board you won’t notice the difference as easily.

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I understand it’s SGs information but you added the link here. Thus the ‘your link’.

Again, the information provided by SH was a general description of the points division. Perhaps it could have been clearer.