Pointless rant

So fuming, so many say the game doesn’t cheat, isn’t rigged, but I go in to a raid (6in a row) and can’t get any of the tiles I need, and a flurry of the ones I don’t … what’s the point???

I can’t get any stronger heroes to beat any stronger teams because 5* draws (even 4*) are now impossible to find by, all I ever get is 3*, so how am I supposed to grow???

This will get merged soon but…
There are 2 answers:

  1. Very Slowly
  2. Spend money for a temporary boost

And a third… grrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnd

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With patience. Whether you are pay to win or free to play, all face the song and dance of the grind.

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More like Saltytits, amirite?


Salty, moody, grumpy etc :rofl:

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A lot of the frustration with boards I think comes from the incredible power of certain fast heroes compared to other legendaries. Matches are often decided solely on the basis of the opening boards and the first 2-3 tile moves, and this isn’t fun for anyone.

I do think there are some fixes for this, and I and others have broached some possibilities, but as of right now, yeah. It is incredibly frustrating.

Here’s one possible solution that I think is well worth testing…

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