Point system for alliance rewards

I was thinking we should have some sort of point system to give out rewards to valued players. Maybe five points for a Titan kill 10 points for a war win Etc. this all would add up for the entire Alliance. Then the leader would be able to assign Rewards such as hero tokens or Ascension items by spending these accumulated points.

I really think that this would give all players an extra incentive to be active productive members of each Alliance.

Please give me your thoughts and comments on this.


Any system that relies on the Leader to award benefits to the players is certain to be abused.


As soon as such a system is implemented, people will create an entire alliance of alt accounts to feed into their main account

My alliance has 2 co-leaders plus 6 elders and we have a chat room on Line app where we vote on decisions dealing with the alliance. I as a leader would not have or want total control over the alliance. I can see where your concerns may be justified but personally I wouldn’t stay in that alliance long if it was happening.

See my comment for how easy it would be to exploit. SG is not going to implement any system that involves transferring heroes, gems, tokens or items between players.

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It’s a sad truth that a minority group will abuse the living [censored] out of any good idea like the one presented here, to the point of horribly messing up the game balance for everyone else, and spoil things for the majority of the playerbase who do play honestly. So, as @NPNKY says, anything like this simply won’t get implemented.

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That being said, you would not be the problem. Other people would. As always, dishonest people ruin things for those who are honest. It would definitely be abused.

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Other games I have played had a alliance store where leaders could stock merchandise with a point system and players could buy items with points they earned in participation in alliance events. Maybe this would be a better system. I’m looking for suggestion as much as criticism. How would you guys work it out as not to be abused.

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I do see some potential here, but I do see some issues with the alliance leader having that power.

  1. As mentioned, it would be abused. I can just see the system being overloaded with 1-person alt alliances :flushed:

  2. I am a co-leader of my alliance so, as the suggestion stands, I would be one of the ones deciding where the goodies went, etc. Great! But I don’t think I would like it very well if I was one of our alliance members who had to depend on someone else’s opinion for my rewards. Nope…I earned them so let me decide :grin:

That is where a alliance store would do well. Leadership stocks the store and individual players could buy with points they earn in participation. Different items like flasks and tokens even ascension items might be available. In other games I have played only food and iron or wood could be gifted and only in small set amounts. I’m sure these items such as tokens would be ridiculously expensive and hard to obtain but lesser items like heal or mana potions could be more cheaply obtained. Even battle items like arrows or axes. Just something to help the lower level players have more reason to be involved in group activities.

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I totally agree all alliances should have a store to assist new players and keep them a point system will be great as they will then earn the items in store we also need as leaders to be able to give rewards to dedicated players

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