POG hard levels without using specials/tickets

SG/Zynga, if you’re going to require players to not use specials on HARD levels, at least have the decency or common sense to KINDLY lock the players’ ability to ACCIDENTALLY activate their heroes’ specials. It’s happened so many times to me now when what I’m ACTUALLY trying to do is restore my heroes’ HP from the 200-300+ damage per slash attacks from the monsters on these hard levels.

Imagine being in the boss wave and your heroes are almost dead because of :poop: boards and you’re attempting to restore your heroes’ HP when you accidentally activate their special instead? It’s happened to me LOADS of times now.

This idea and suggestion is likely going to be ignored, like most of what’s good for your entire player base, but I’m posting to say that I tried. It’s not bad to listen to and do SOME good, little things for your cash cows, SG/Zynga.

This is by far the dumbest of all PoG quests, I have not once done it :smiley: Will finish GoG 2 days later than everybody else, but I would certainly not waste my time or items on finishing this quest just to finish PoG a bit earlier…


I haven’t done any of them because I am not that far in hard level in the seasons involved.

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I tried it a couple times, and it require a lot of battle item. Now I just ignore the mission

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FWIW I go with cSonya-Richard-Domitia-ccElkanen-cMagni. With their superior Paladin and Druid talents help to reduce the amount of health pots, and Domitia’s rogue dodge helps as well. It works ok, I usually use health, bombs and antidotes.


At least when it’s in season 3, you can get healing, etc…from the tiles, but that’s the only positive thing I can say heh

There’s a good reason why they don’t do this. There will be some players who do not have the ability to complete without using specials and are not trying for the POG task completion. Turning it off would prevent them playing.

Also changing the coding every day for the different levels etc would be a complete pita and open to so many failure points it would be full of complaints if it didn’t work exactly as planned.

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One thing… swap out your mana/magic troops for Ninjas.

I would add that the self healing of the Slayer family is very effective here.


If I had any, I’d do that… but all I have is Maeve and Noril. I did get Cillian, but haven’t gotten him leveled yet. But that’s a good point, particularly if you have 5 of them.

I forgot about this. But they don’t really survive long, even with the self heal, especially on hard S5 levels.

Addendum: I have finished S3 hard so I did do yesterday’s. It’s S4 and S5 I have only just started in hard.

They would have to add a switch to disable specials individually (per player) for this to work. Probably more involved that it’s worth.

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@AdmiralEnzo while I concur that getting through hard levels without using specials or loot tickets is hard, at least the mission is clear. I think the game has the word Puzzles in the name for a reason. I’ve successfully completed that particular “mission” a couple times now in each case I used a different strategy. The first time I used battle items, the second time I used a Sun and Moon team. The automatic ailments those heroes deliver make activating a special unnecessary. Another strategy might be to go in with only critical strike troops. I have 3 CS troops in red. Maybe I’ll try that solution next time. The trick is always to make the most of the resources you have available. Best of luck in all your future battles. I’d hate having a switch that disabled specials as it would be far too easy to disable accidentally.

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