Plz help with team

I haven’t played in a long time and I suffer memory loss. Who should I be lvling? Ascension is hard as I’m unguilded due to unable to play daily

You should mainly level heroes who heal, increase ATK and decrease DEF as your first team, try to level few heroes at a time (one for each element) with 1*, 2* and (if you have another copy of them) 3* heroes with their same color to have a +20% exp boost and a double skill improvement chance.

You could this pics useful to refresh your memories:

Ty hun I’ll try? I’m not sure if I totally understand, so not my ain team? Though BT is maxed ATM

Boldtusk is a very good hero: he isncreases your attack and also heal and deserve to be on many of your teams :slight_smile:

Dark heroes:
After you have leveled your Tiburtus you can start leveling Sabina

Holy heroes:
After Chao you could start leveling Vivica

Ice heroes:
You could could safely level Grimm after you have done with Kiril and then starting your Alaise.

Mother North could be your best pick here after your Kashhrek. Little John is solid and Melendor is as good as Sabina but she can resurrect, wow!

After you will ascend and bring your Boldtusk to lv 4.70 you could start leveling Colen, you are in need of AoE attacker.

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You can feed all your weaker 3* to 4* and 5* - even if they are already ascended.
I decided to not keeping 3* - they are nearly useless later on.
An ascention of them will double the feeding power.

Imho there is also no need to keep more than one of a kind except healers, defence stars and/or 5* heroes.
Hitters and weaker Dudes could nicely feed temselves which results in a 25% chance to increase special.

My strategy ist to hold 6 well lvld rainbow teams of 4*/5* and some additional supremes to adjust team strategy.

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